About TDA

The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin is a statewide alliance of 400-plus transportation stakeholders committed to advancing the best in transportation. TDA members include businesses, labor unions, citizen groups, units of government and individuals. All share one important goal: the development and maintenance of a strong, interconnected transportation network that will support a robust economy and enhance the quality of life for everyone in Wisconsin.

TDA was one of the first transportation groups in the nation to bring together such a broad-based membership to advocate for all types of transportation. Today, more than 15 states have multimodal membership organizations similar to TDA.

Leadership & Advocacy

TDA is a leading force for a more effective transportation network in Wisconsin. In the November 2014 election, TDA was instrumental in giving Wisconsin voters a voice on protecting the state transportation fund. TDA is one of the few organizations that could have built and maintained a broad-based coalition – one which remained unified for more than six years – to ultimately garner support from 80 percent of the electorate in order to amend the state’s constitution and protect the transportation fund.

TDA puts gubernatorial and legislative candidates on the record on transportation funding and works with Wisconsin business, industry leaders and local officials as they call for better public transportation. TDA also promotes the importance of Wisconsin’s commercial ports and all other modes of transportation, and takes a stand for responsible transportation funding. Through these efforts and many others, TDA continues to inform the discussion of nearly every transportation issue in Wisconsin.

Public Awareness

TDA provides vital information about Wisconsin transportation to members, journalists and policymakers at every level of government. TDA routinely publishes newsletters, policy updates and major studies related to transportation and earns praise for taking complex information and making it understandable and relevant for a broad audience. TDA also holds public forums, participates in key grassroots alliances and responds to media inquiries with content that is credible, thoughtful and useful. TDA meets regularly with editorial boards, civic organizations and business groups throughout Wisconsin to talk about transportation issues.

Strength in Numbers

Because of TDA’s sizeable and diverse membership, policymakers view the association as a balanced voice for transportation.

Everybody understands that a transportation network has to be integrated in order to be effective and support economic growth — no mode can stand alone. What makes TDA unique is that our membership represents every element of the state’s transportation system while fostering agreement on the best course for Wisconsin’s transportation policies.