The Transportation Truths




Why Transportation Matters: Because You Should Get What You Pay For.

Trust is an important and hard earned commodity. When we hand over money, we like to think we know where the money is going and how it will be used. That is true whether we are giving money to a charity for a worthy cause or putting $5 in our child’s backpack to buy lunch. And it is particularly true when we are paying a fee to utilize a service we rely on every day. So let’s make this easy and allow every citizen to be able to say with confidence, “Yeah, I know where my gas tax is going.”


Why Transportation Matters: Because There is Never Just One Way to Get There

Every Wisconsinite has places to go and things to do. Some people may be in the position to make a choice each day whether to drive to work, bike to the store, walk to a friend’s home or take the bus to the doctor. The decision may vary based on the weather or their schedule. Other people have fewer options due to age, finances or other circumstances. There is never just one way to do something. And our transportation system helps ensure that there is not just one way to get there.



Why Transportation Matters: Because Santa Can’t be Late

The elves are busy preparing for the holiday season, but there is no way all the gifts will fit in Santa’s sleigh. It is a good thing that UPS and FedEx are around to help out. Even Aunt Mary from Seattle is bringing in stuff. Everybody needs a hand sometimes, even Santa.




Why Transportation Matters: Because You Can’t Meet the Future by Standing Still

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the past, it has allowed us to do things we never even contemplated. Hopefully, the next 20 to 30 years will bring us just as much innovation. But with new technology comes the need to adapt. We can’t just keep doing what we have always done. We need to step forward, anticipate the impacts and embrace the future.



Why Transportation Matters: Because Sometimes You Just Have to be There

Times are tough, and people expect a good value for the money they spend. While a bargain can be judged in the short term on just dollars and cents, what could be more important than a system that connects us to family, friends, jobs, customers, health services and the opportunities out there?




Why Transportation Matters: Because Nothing Beats Getting to Where You Want to Go

For a couple pennies per mile, Wisconsinites have gotten a transportation system that gets us where we want to go, safely and reliably. But pressure on the system has been building: aging Interstate highways and local roads, increased demand for public transit and transportation options all combined with declining revenues. The question is: where do we want to go from here?



Why Transportation Matters: More than 77,000 Wisconsin Farms

Farms are dotted across Wisconsin’s landscape. Connecting these farms and every county seat, town and city is a large network of county highways and local roads. These roads provide an efficient way for farmers to get product to market or to the next leg of the journey by rail, water or Interstate. But these roads also connect rural and urban Wisconsin, allowing us to have to best of both worlds.



Why Transportation Matters: Because There is No Point in Making It, If You Can’t Move It

Our transportation system – including our roads, ports, airports, railroads and public transit – and the economy are so closely linked, they always travel together. And when one has a hiccup, the other slows down. Which sets the pace is not always clear, but one will not get far without the other.