TDA Fact Sheet


In 1971, a small group of Wisconsin transportation leaders founded TDA to advance the development of an efficient, effective and safe transportation system throughout the state. Their efforts drew the increasingly strong support of businesses, individuals, communities and organizations involved in every mode of transportation, and TDA grew in size, respect and influence. Today TDA is a prime Wisconsin resource for clear analysis on transportation policy and a crucial participant in Wisconsin’s transportation planning process. TDA serves hundreds of members and is recognized for nonpartisan expertise, advocacy and leadership on transportation issues.


The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization devoted to promoting the interest and vitality of the state’s multi-modal transportation system.


The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin is a statewide alliance of 400-plus transportation stakeholders committed to advancing the best in transportation. TDA members include businesses, labor unions, citizen groups, units of government and individuals. All share one important goal: the development and maintenance of a strong, interconnected transportation network that will support a robust economy and enhance the quality of life for everyone in Wisconsin.

TDA serves as a strong and unified voice for Wisconsin’s entire transportation system, providing vision and leadership on key transportation issues. TDA helps inform legislators, policymakers and the public about the important role transportation plays in supporting businesses and communities throughout Wisconsin. TDA presents objective, straightforward and timely information on transportation matters affecting Wisconsin.

TDA holds public forums, participates in grassroots alliances, and responds to media inquiries with useful content that is detailed and credible. TDA meets regularly with editorial boards, civic organizations and business groups throughout Wisconsin to talk about transportation issues.