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Just Fix It Wisconsin
Highway fund shortfall ‘hundreds of millions’

6/1/2020 - Beloit Daily News Get ready for a potential third Capitol-paralyzing fight in four years over how to pay... read more

Wisconsin rural roads receive national attention, deteriorating condition blamed on lack of funding

2/19/2020 - Channel 3000 MADISON, Wis. – As Wisconsin receives national attention being highlighted in a New York Times piece on... read more

The Struggle to Mend America’s Rural Roads

2/18/2020 - The New York Times Wearing bright safety vests, the county highway workers followed the scalding, red tar kettle... read more

Applications for $75 million in transportation grants exceed $1.4 billion in total project value

1/11/2020 - Wisconsin State Journal The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has received nearly 1,600 eligible applications — totaling more than... read more

Debby Jackson: It’s about TIME: Transportation investment moves everything

7/22/19 - Kenosha Daily News Transportation investment moves everything. From the buses in Racine to the Port of Green Bay... read more

Kenosha Daily News Editorial – Our view: ‘Dream Team’ approach needed for long-term road funding agreement

7/14/19 - Kenosha Daily News The morning of the announcement that Nexus Pharmaceuticals, a privately held firm in Illinois, would... read more

Beloit Daily News Editorial – Wisconsin still needs a more sustainable transportation plan

7/8/19 - Beloit Daily News More Cooperation and Less Politics: Wisconsin still needs a more sustainable transportation plan. AS THE... read more

Does the legislature have a sustainable plan for transportation?

5/23/19 - InBusiness Magazine Wisconsin, like other states, has grappled with how to fund transportation for more than a decade.... read more

Tommy Thompson: Wisconsin must undertake transportation reform

5/16/19 - Kenosha News Earlier this spring, the Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership held a transportation conference that... read more

Don’t stall fix to Wisconsin’s crumbling roads

4/10/2019 - Wisconsin State JournalRep. John Nygren says he’s “not going to be a hypocrite” on raising revenue to fix... read more

Transportation funding — Pay now, or pay more later

3/26/19 – InBusiness Magazine Over time, the cost of most things goes up — food, clothing, rent. According to the... read more

Tribune editorial board: We’re overdue for investing in roads

3/10/19 - The La Crosse Tribune What happens when you kick the issue of road funding down the road for... read more

Journal Times editorial: Find a road to agreement

3/10/19 - The Journal Times Find a road to agreement. That’s the challenge for new Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a... read more

‘Yes’ to UW and road money in state budget, ‘no’ to non-fiscal policy

3/3/19 - The Wisconsin State Journal Gov. Tony Evers has included some strong priorities in his state budget proposal. The... read more

To gauge the public’s appetite for transportation fix, ask about costs AND benefits

2/19/19 - InBusiness Magazine Wisconsinites are increasingly willing to “Just Fix It” and support a reasonable investment in transportation. This... read more

Chris Klein: Motorists understand the need for more road money

2/16/19 - Wisconsin State Journal I had the privilege of representing Wisconsin’s engineering industry on the Transportation Task Force implemented... read more

Wisconsin is finally serious about fixing its roads

2/10/19 - Wisconsin State Journal The short-term fix for better Wisconsin roads is a modest increase in the gas tax,... read more

Almost 700 counties, cities, villages and towns have passed a Just Fix It resolution

Local resolutions supporting sustainable transportation funding continue to roll in. Since the campaign began picking up steam in 2016, the... read more

Transportation Funding Has Become ‘Black And White’ Issue In Governor’s Race

10/22/18 - Wisconsin Public Radio Walker, Evers Take Different Paths On Road Funding There's not much overlap between Republican Gov.... read more

For Some Wisconsin Voters, Road Quality is a Major Concern

10/22/18 - Wisconsin Public Radio Wisconsin has about 12,000 miles of state highways, and about another 100,000 miles of local... read more

Time to get real about roads and revenue

10/14/18 - Wisconsin State Journal If you want good roads, you have to pay for them. And it’s not just... read more

Holmlund: Transportation funding an issue for all

10/10/18 - Racine Journal Times Many reasons exist for finding additional ways to fund transportation, including public transit in Wisconsin.... read more

Plain Talk: Skimping on interchange among Walker’s dumbest plans

10/3/18 - The Cap Times I've never been a big fan of building wider and wider superhighways. All they do... read more

Tony Evers tells transportation forum he will make roads a top priority

10/2/18 - Appleton Post-Crescent Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers said he would make fixing roads a priority when he spoke... read more

Just Fix It: Roads and infrastructure top of mind for candidates

10/2/18 - WBAY Action News 2 (Appleton) The "Just Fix It" turnout for transportation forum in Appleton brought multiple senate... read more

Roads present daily challenges and rising costs for motorists

9/23/18 - Kenosha News A new study released last week confirmed what we already know: Wisconsin drivers pay more for... read more

National Report Shows Wisconsin Drivers Paying for Rough Roads

9/19/18 - WJFW-News 12 (Rhinelander) Potholes often bring people to James Maze's shop, Certified Auto Repair in Rhinelander. Maze says that he... read more

Report: Madisonians lose $2,100 per year on bad roads

9/19/18 - InBusiness Madison Deteriorating roads and bridges, congestion, and the lack of some desirable safety features cost Wisconsin motorists... read more

The high cost of poor roads: For Eau Claire area drivers, it’s $1,219 annually for each of us

9/19/18 - Eau Claire Leader Telegram Deteriorated roads, traffic congestion and a lack of safety features cost Eau Claire area... read more

Poor road conditions cost Wausau drivers $1,517 per year, according to new report

9/18/18 - WAOW TV-News 9 (Wausau) Bumpy roads around the Wausau area cost drivers $1,517 per year according to a... read more

National report: Half of Wisconsin’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition

9/18/18 - Cap Times Half of Wisconsin's major roads are in poor or mediocre shape, with Madison, Milwaukee and Wausau... read more

Critics call WisDOT’s preferred plan for I-39/90 at Beltline ‘brand-new bottleneck’

9/16/18 - Wisconsin State Journal Critics are panning the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s preferred plan to revamp U.S. Interstate 39/90... read more

State road quality falls as debt rises

9/12/18 - Ozaukee Press Contentious issues abound in the race for Wisconsin governor, most of them exaggerated for maximum weaponized... read more

Scott Walker’s ex-DOT secretary says governor isn’t telling the truth about roads

9/9/18 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Gov. Scott Walker's former transportation secretary says the GOP governor isn't telling the truth about... read more

Candidates in toss-up state Senate seat converge on tour of poor roads in Lafayette County

9/6/18 - Cap Times The condition of state roads in Democrat Kriss Marion's home county is a key reason she... read more

Thomas Carlsen: Failure of leadership and vision caused Wisconsin’s transportation crisis

9/7/18:  The Cap Times As someone who spent a career in transportation engineering, I love taking road trips, seeing developments... read more

Wisconsin State Journal Editorial Board: Don’t skimp on Beltline interchange

9/5/18 - Wisconsin State Journal Wisconsin is wisely expanding Interstate 39-90 from four to six lanes from Madison south to... read more

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Local leaders call for fixing the road budget

8/31/18 - The Dunn County News ‘We budget, and have to save up, for over three years to do one... read more

Catching Up: Wisconsin DOT bumps back Beltline interchange plans decision to next year

9/3/18 - Wisconsin State Journal The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says it will release its preferred plan to revamp the... read more

Gregory Schroeder: Legislature must vote to hike motor fuels tax

9/2/18 - The Cap Times Dear Editor: The Capital Times article “Wisconsin DOT report shows total transportation funding has fallen... read more

Wisconsin DOT report shows total transportation funding has fallen under Scott Walker

8/29/18 - The Cap Times The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports that total funding across all state transportation programs has... read more

Scott Walker declares Zoo Interchange is done, even as years of work remain

8/28/18 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Gov. Scott Walker is doing the construction equivalent of moving the goalposts — except, in this... read more

La Crosse Tribune editorial board: La Crosse wheel tax would help fix city’s biggest problem

8/27/18 - The La Crosse Tribune What’s the biggest problem facing the city of La Crosse? That’s easy. Most folks... read more

Cost estimate rises for north leg of Zoo Interchange after project delayed

8/14/18 - The Daily Reporter Cost estimates for the completion of the final leg of the Zoo Interchange project are... read more

State Policy Shift Means Local Governments Pay More For Bridge Replacements

8/10/18 - Wisconsin Public Radio 'Replace In Kind' Strategy Aims At Getting More Bridge Projects Approved, While Some Local Officials... read more

Roads are on our minds but will they be in November?

08/06/18 - Kenosha News If the condition of our roads is a topic of conversation occasionally at your dinner table,... read more

Other Views: Another reason to fix state’s roads: Tourists drive

7/19/18 - Janesville Gazette One year ago—almost to the day—I penned a column reminding everyone that transportation is key to... read more

Craig Thompson – Wisconsin’s roads: Failing to plan costs us more than money, it costs us time

7/8/18 - Kenosha News While much of the discussion about the poor condition of Wisconsin’s road network has centered around... read more

Wisconsin drivers lose as the can keeps being kicked down the road

7/1/18 - Kenosha News Taking a vacation out of state this holiday weekend or over the summer? If so, you’ll... read more

41 frustration: high crash numbers lead to call for expansion

6/26/18 - WBAY BAY (Green Bay) If it seems like there are a lot of crashes on Interstate 41 in... read more

Rough Road tour offers state lawmakers a look at road conditions in our area

6/27/18 - WSAW-TV (Wausau) A national study is confirming what many of us think that Wisconsin's roads are among the... read more

Farmers say bridge funding falls short

6/22/18 - WMTV-15 (Madison) video Some farmers say additional funding for bridge projects in Wisconsin won't repair bridges that are vital... read more

Wisconsin lawmakers argue over federal transportation dollars, signaling a campaign issue

6/16/18 - The Cap Times It was just one vote, but Republican Sen. Howard Marklein’s decision to side with Democrats... read more

Poor roads may cost Walker election

6/10/18 - Kenosha News editorial There are many items which are rightfully placed in the “win” column for Gov.Scott Walker.... read more

Debt payments for Wisconsin road work have doubled under Scott Walker, Democrat Kelda Roys says

6/11/18 - Politifact Wisconsin When it comes to maintaining Wisconsin highways, the more the state spends on debt payments for... read more

Rough Road Tour shows why we need to replace our roads

6/12/18 - WQOW News 18 (Eau Claire) Western Wisconsin (WQOW)- Over the last few years, data has shown Wisconsin has... read more

Revised weight limits for bridges add time, money for many

5/31/18 - Eau Claire Leader Telegram When Kevin Nelson hauls corn from his farm south of Osseo to grain bins... read more

Detour: Wisconsin farmers cope with new bridge restrictions

5/27/18 - La Crosse Tribune It’s not crop prices that keep Shane Goplin up at night. It’s infrastructure. Goplin, who... read more

No surprise Rough Road Tour lives up to its name

5/17/18 - WIZM News Talk (La Crosse) Dozens of people got on a bus the other day for a trip... read more

How Poor Road Conditions Are Taking A Toll On One Rural School District

5/17/18 - Wisconsin Public Radio West Salem Superintendent Says School Bus Maintenance Costs Keep Growing The leader of a rural Wisconsin... read more

When will Governor lead on funding road improvements?

5/16/18 - WIZM News Talk (La Crosse) It can no longer be debated. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is more concerned... read more

Local Officials Take Part in “Rough Roads Tour”

5/16/18 - Local officials got a bumpy ride around La Crosse County Tuesday morning. It was part of a... read more

Local leaders take a bumpy ride to see roads in need of repair

5/15/18 - News 8 WKBT-TV (La Crosse) Locally elected leaders and other stakeholders are calling for more funds to repair... read more

Shilling on Wisconsin road conditions

5/15/18 - News 8 WKBT-TV (La Crosse) While she wasn't able to attend today's rough roads tour, State Senator Jennifer... read more

Bus tour highlights rough roads in La Crosse County

5/15/18 - WXOW-19 News (La Crosse) La Crosse County maintains more than 280 miles of highways. Over 50 percent of... read more

Local officials show off crumbling roads to highlight funding shortfalls

5/15/18 - The Lacrosse Tribune About two dozen local officials bounced around some of the county’s bumpiest roads Tuesday in... read more

Expert says Wisconsin shouldn’t count on D.C. to solve transportation problem

4/6/18 - WSAW-TW (Wausau) Congress may be on the verge of tackling a plan to help states pay for bigger... read more

The transportation debate: Critics say Scott Walker’s record on road funding will be an issue this fall

4/4/18 - The Capital Times The orange construction barrels are a summertime nightmare for Tom Diehl. Every year they line... read more

Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin: Follow other Midwestern states and raise the gas tax, registration fees

3/5/18 - The Capital Times It took months of debate for Wisconsin legislators to reach a compromise on transportation funding in order... read more

Our View: Time to invest in lock-and-dam system

2/25/18 - The Lacrosse Tribune With pothole season upon us and the White House talking about increasing infrastructure funding, let’s... read more

Wisconsin infrastructure needs an upgrade

2/17/2017 - WMTV-NBC15 President Donald Trump announced his plan to deliver on his campaign promise of rebuilding America's infrastructure. Only... read more

Wisconsin State Journal Editorial: Yes, please, increase the gas tax for better Wisconsin roads

2/7/2018 - Wisconsin State Journal Gov. Scott Walker last week said he’s open to raising Wisconsin’s gas tax for the... read more

Why Scott Walker, in real terms, has spent less on transportation than his Democratic predecessor

2/6/18 - Politifact Wisconsin In his Jan. 24, 2018, State of the State speech, something of a launching pad for... read more

Scott Walker open to gas tax hike, tax cuts elsewhere, to land federal road funding

2/2/18 - Wisconsin State Journal Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday he is open to raising the state’s gas tax, if... read more

Work on Madison-Illinois stretch of I-39-90 to be done a year early, Beltline interchange plans still unclear

2/2/18 - Wisconsin State Journal Gov. Scott Walker’s administration says work will be done a year ahead of schedule, by... read more

Eight of top 10 structurally deficient bridges in state are in southeast Wisconsin

1/31/18 - WISN Of the 14,253 bridges in Wisconsin, more than 1,000 of them are rated in poor condition. A... read more

Checking Gov. Walker’s claim that state DOT is ahead of the game

1/26/18 - PolitiFact Wisconsin Given the perpetual orange barrels and accompanying traffic delays on Milwaukee area highways, drivers could be... read more

Skol: A bumpy road to change

1/19/18, Lacrosse Tribune - Headlights of oncoming cars flashed briefly in my eyes as the vehicles bobbed over bumps on... read more

Craig Thompson: Broken promises, more potholes in 2017

1/14/18 - La Crosse Tribune Now that 2017 is in the rearview mirror, it is time to look back on... read more

Madison Beltline improvements taking back seat to other projects around state

12/31/17 - Wisconsin State Journal Questions are dogging the future of a state study into what long-term improvements may be... read more

Paying for road time? User-based system could fund transportation needs in state, tax watchdog says

11/18/2017 - Eau Claire Leader-Telegram Though seemingly everyone recognizes something must be done about transportation funding in Wisconsin, politicians on... read more

Ending Freeway Project Is Historic Blunder: huge costs for taxpayers and more accidents for drivers

11/6/2017 - Urban Milwaukee It’s now official. In response to a September request from the Walker administration, the Federal Highway... read more

Craig Thompson: State budget is bad for roads (Guest Column)

10/13/17, Wisconsin State Journal - The state budget was finally signed into law on Sept. 21. The spirited debate over... read more

Highway funding impasse hits home in Milwaukee

10/11/2017 - Governing the States and Localities For years, the Republicans who control Wisconsin’s state government have been hopelessly split on... read more

I-94 east-west safety problems and congestion remain after Milwaukee expansion abandoned

10/6/17 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Freeway safety and congestion problems that prompted state transportation officials to plan the reconstruction of... read more

Abandoned I-94 project kicks costs down the road

10/6/17, Wisconsin Radio Network What’s next, now that the state has pulled the plug on the I-94 project in Milwaukee County?... read more

Wisconsin abandons I-94 east-west project in Milwaukee County for lack of funds

10/4/17, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Gov. Scott Walker’s administration is giving up on reconstructing I-94 in Milwaukee between the Marquette and... read more

Journal Times editorial: On highways, still kicking the can down the road

9/25/17, The Journal Times (Racine) When it comes to funding government, we’re adamantly opposed to borrowing in lieu of making... read more

Mike Gousha: State road frustrations remain

9/23/17, Upfront with Mike Gousha Mike Gousha says the new 2017-2019 state budget failed once again to find a long-term... read more

Joint Finance yields transportation budget deal: Major highway projects delayed, hybrid vehicle fee passed

9/12/17, The Northwoods River News In a move that delighted Gov. Scott Walker but didn't please some other Republicans, or... read more

Steven Walters: These highway-funding ideas became road kill

9/11/2017, Janesville Press Gazette - by Steven Walters In the final hours of Joint Finance Committee debate on the next... read more

DOT data suggest deterioration of Wisconsin roads may accelerate under proposed budget

9/8/17, Wisconsin State Journal - The projected deterioration of Wisconsin’s highway system may accelerate under a transportation-funding plan adopted Tuesday by... read more

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Kicking roads down the road

9/6/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – By Ernst-Ulrich Franzen Couple of notes on the GOP transportation package approved by the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee... read more

Finance committee approves GOP budget deal that would delay major Milwaukee-area freeway work

9/5/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - by Patrick Marley and Jason Stein MADISON – The Legislature's budget committee signed off late Tuesday on a... read more

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Fee on hybrids reasonable – but it’s only a start

8/30/17, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -  By Ernst-Ulrich Franzen State legislators are considering placing a $100 annual fee on hybrid and electric... read more

George Mitchell: Raising the gas tax makes conservative sense

8/21/2017, Right Wisconsin - There is a clear conservative case to be made for raising the gas tax. But with the idea... read more

Deteriorating state of Wisconsin bridges adds to transportation budget woes

8/13/2017, La Crosse Tribune - As lawmakers continue to struggle over how to fund the state’s transportation budget, drivers are... read more

Other Views: Veterans of road funding battle in 1995 favor gas tax hike

7/31/2017, Janesville Gazette - By Steven Walters Two Republican legislative leaders in 1995—when the budget for highways was separated from... read more

Foxconn bill authorizes I-94 borrowing, limits permitting requirements

7/28/2017, Milwaukee Biz Times - The legislation intended to authorize an incentive package for Foxconn Technology Group’s $10 billion investment in... read more

Senator warns I-94 east-west project could be in danger amid Wisconsin budget stalemate

7/24/17, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The state could lose federal approval for rebuilding the east-west section of I-94 in Milwaukee if... read more

Green Bay Press-Gazette Editorial: Senate blocks path to road deal

7/22/2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette - It’s difficult to believe that a two-year budget wouldn’t be finished on time given the... read more

A conservative case for a gas tax hike

7/20/2017, ISTHMUS - One of the principal responsibilities of modern government is to raise the money necessary to establish and maintain... read more

Franzen: Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald still playing chicken on state budget

7/20/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The game of chicken over the state budget continued Friday, but the sides have changed.... read more

State Journal Editorial: State Senate can’t have it both ways in budget standoff

7/16/2017, Wisconsin State Journal - The borrow-and-spend state Senate is making a weak argument against the fiscally conservative Assembly in the... read more

Journal Times Editorial: On roads, Vos has state’s best interests in mind

7/12/2017,  Racine Journal Times - In the Great Transportation Debate that has thus far defied resolution by state Republicans and delayed... read more

State Journal Editorial: How the state budget debate boils down

6/25/2016, Wisconsin State Journal - Wisconsin isn’t getting its state budget done on time. That’s largely because Gov. Scott Walker and... read more

TDA Press Release: Wisconsinites Overwhelmingly Oppose Delaying Critical Interstate Projects in Milwaukee

via GIPHY See links to poll documents below. June 13, 2017 [Madison...] When it comes to resolving the budget impasse... read more

State Journal Editorial: Get roads done with real money

6/7/2017, Wisconsin State Journal - Gov. Scott Walker stood near the Highway 151 construction project in Fitchburg this week, urging the... read more

Mooney: Keep the I-94 east-west project on track

6/6/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - I have been deeply involved in economic development in Wisconsin for the past 50 years. My... read more

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: Legislature and governor need to find common ground on the state budget

6/6/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Scott Walker needs to take off his blinders and recognize the severity of the problem. And... read more

Craig Thompson: Tommy provided a roadmap for Wisconsin

5/28/2017, La Crosse Tribune - There is a noteworthy project going on right now to celebrate and, more importantly, learn from... read more

“The state needs to deliver for us:” Local officials, businesses say outdated I-94 slows Racine Co. development

5/24/2017, Fox 6 Milwaukee (video) - When officials in the Village of Caledonia spent $20 million to extend utility service to... read more

Wisconsin State Journal editorial: Consensus on toll roads encouraging

5/19/2017, Wisconsin State Journal - State leaders are still at odds over how to pay for roads in the next state... read more

At session on roads, attendees favor gas tax increase

5/13/2017, Janesville Gazette - At a listening session hosted Friday by two state Assembly Democrats, it was clear speakers were... read more

Business owners lobby to keep Verona Road project on schedule

5/10/2017, Channel 3000-Madison (video) - Businesses along Verona Road are lobbying lawmakers to keep a longtime road construction project on-time. Representatives... read more

Verona road businesses, commuters caught up in ongoing GOP transportation stalemate

5/10/2017, WKOW-Madison (video) - Republicans seem no closer to an agreement on transportation funding, leaving local business owners holding their breath... read more

Area mayors push Gov. Scott Walker, JFC to keep Verona Road project on schedule

5/10/2017, The Cap Times - In a letter sent Wednesday, mayors from the cities of Madison, Fitchburg and Verona asked Gov.... read more

Kooyenga and Thompson on UpFront

5/8/2017, WISN Milwaukee (video) - State Rep. Dale Kooyenga , R-Brookfield, said Wisconsin's transportation fund is a "complex problem" that requires... read more

Our Views: Gov. Walker, where’s the leadership?

5/8/2017, Janesville Gazette - In speaking out against an Assembly GOP plan to fund road projects, Gov. Scott Walker made... read more

Wisconsin lawmakers consider adopting Indiana’s road funding plan

5/2/2017, WIFU Public Radio - Wisconsin lawmakers are looking to Indiana for inspiration as they vote on a statewide budget,... read more

Janesville Gazette Editorial: State GOP out of step with rest of nation on infrastructure

5/1/2017, Janesville Gazette - Guess the color—red or blue—of the state that voted recently to increase its gas tax by 10... read more

Wisconsin transportation advocates point to Indiana, Georgia for way forward on roads

4/30/2017, Fox 6 Milwaukee (video) - As Wisconsin lawmakers begin taking votes on the state budget, transportation advocates have a new message: If... read more

Racine Journal Times Editorial: All options should be on the table for Interstate 94

4/27/2017, Racine Journal Times - “It’s time to finish the job.” That was the message in a report in Sunday’s Journal... read more

Investing in I-94 East-West Corridor is investing in state’s economic development

4/26/2017, Milwaukee Biz Times - It’s the three-word mantra of the real estate industry – “location, location, location.” But in these days of... read more

Indiana lawmaker discusses transportation funding plan in Milwaukee

4/24/2017, Wisconsin Public Radio - Republican Indiana State Rep. Ed Soliday spoke Monday in Milwaukee about his state's new transportation funding... read more

RAMAC: ‘Finish the job’ on I-94 reconstruction

4/24/2017, Racine Journal Times - Local business leaders are calling for the state Legislature to keep Interstate 94 construction on... read more

Beloit Daily News Editorial: Taking the lead on transportation

4/10/2017, Beloit Daily News - Wisconsin needs to find a sustainable solution to highway funding. LET’S OFFER PRAISE for majority Republican... read more

U.S. Highway 12 reroute still stalled

4/9/2017, Walworth County Today - The stub end of a section of U.S. Highway 12 freeway just north of Elkhorn dies... read more

Rough patch ahead: Regional county highway commissioners lament state road funding woes

4/9/2017, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram - As legislators in Madison debate how to fill a $1 billion hole in the state’s transportation... read more

Coalition wants state to maintain I-94 corridor funding

4/6/2017, Waukesha Freeman – Surrounded by products made by southeastern Wisconsin companies that rely on Interstate 94 to transport their goods, members... read more

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: I-94 East-West rebuild should be state’s top priority

4/5/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – You get what you pay for — a concept Republicans in the state Legislature seem not... read more

CARW joins business push to advance I-94 east-west rebuild in state budget

3/31/2017, Milwaukee Business Journal - Businesses in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties are boosting the volume of their outreach to Madison to... read more

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram Editorial: Road funding falls short

3/26/2017, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram - Few of us want to increase our tax burden, but Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure is in need... read more

Wauwatosa officials urge state to complete Zoo Interchange project on schedule

3/21/2017, Wauwatosa Now - In order to make feelings known, speaking out is required. In a resolution passed by the Wauwatosa... read more

Green Press-Gazette Editorial: User fees hike key to roads funding

3/18/2017, Green Bay Press-Gazette - As the road construction season looms in Wisconsin, so do negotiations on Gov. Scott Walker’s budget... read more

Rep. Doyle to hold roundtable on transportation concerns March 20th

REP. DOYLE TO HOLD ROUNDTABLE ON TRANSPORTATION CONCERNS MADISON - Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) is hosting a discussion on the... read more

Engineers: Poor Wisconsin roads costing drivers

3/10/2017, WBAY Green Bay (Video) - A national engineering Group has released a report card for the nation's infrastructure, and the... read more

Wisconsin State Journal Editorial: More bad news on the state of our roads

3/5/2017, Wisconsin State Journal - The bad news about Wisconsin’s transportation system last week piled up like a multi-vehicle crash.... read more

Freiberg: We can’t put off state’s road repair bill any longer

3/4/2017, Appleton Post-Crescent - Drivers in Wisconsin are reminded of our road conditions every day. We encounter numerous potholes and crumbling... read more

Cancellation of I-39/90/94 expansion studies concerns Dells tourism leader

3/4/2017, WKOW Madison - The part-owner of a major Wisconsin Dells-area attraction said Saturday he's concerned about what a decision to... read more

County leaders: Ask legislators to complete Highway 23 project

3/3/2017, Sheboygan Press - According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Wisconsin’s roads are in bad shape, ranking Wisconsin the 3rd... read more

Wisconsin faces ‘tidal wave’ of costly roadwork delays

3/1/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - MADISON - Gov. Scott Walker’s transportation plans would result in more congestion, deteriorating road conditions and... read more

US News Best State Ranking, WI roads #49

2/28/2017, US News - The Best States ranking of U.S. states draws on thousands of data points to measure how... read more

Experts point to problems and possible solutions at county conference

2/27/2017, Monroe County Herald - BY: PAT MULVANEY, EDITOR For Mark O'Connell, executive director of the Wisconsin Counties Association, the debate... read more

Experts offer long-term solutions to transportation issues

2/23/2017, WXOW (video) - How to pay for new roads and for maintaining current roads is an ongoing debate in... read more

Wiseye on Tap: Transportation funding with Craig Thompson

2/13/2017, Facebook live event (video)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: Walker’s budget falls short on roads

2/10/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is right about the transportation budget offered this week by Gov.... read more

Thompson: Fix Wisconsin’s road now

1/31/2017, Green Bay Press Gazette - Wisconsin has some of the worst roads in the country. That has been confirmed yet again... read more

Journal Times Editorial: Audit adds urgency to solving state’s road woes

1/31/2017, Racine Journal Times - The Legislative Audit Bureau kicked the tires on Wisconsin’s transportation budgeting last week and its... read more

SKOL: What drives Walker to wreck our roads?

1/30/2016, La Crosse Tribune - As the Republican-dominated Legislature and Republican Gov. Scott Walker struggle to agree on ways to fix... read more

WPR’s State Capitol Report: Transportation audit, legislative maps, Lincoln Hills and more

1/30/2017, WPR (audio) - According to our guest, even if the state Department of Transportation fully realized the potential savings laid... read more

La Crosse Editorial: Audit shows we’re failing road test

1/30/2017, La Crosse Tribune - During the 2016 fall election campaign, some Republican legislative candidates sought cover when asked by... read more

Wisconsin’s transportation-funding problem: Possible solutions, and how we got here

1/22/2017, Wisconsin State Journal - In recent years, attempts to agree on a long-term funding fix for Wisconsin roads have... read more

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: State roads can’t rely on a Trump rescue

1/19/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - No matter what Trump does — if he does anything — the state still needs... read more

Summary of the consequences of the WisDOT budget proposal

Click here to download a summary of the consequences of the 2017-19 WisDOT Budget proposal, including project delays, deteriorating conditions... read more

Federal agency warns state on road plan

1/15/2017, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The federal government is telling Wisconsin officials they should hold off on plans for major new... read more

Transportation in Focus on New 414Ward Show

1/15/2017, Milwaukee TMJ4 Steve Baas of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce discusses the hurdles involved in funding Wisconsin’s road... read more

Leaders of Southeastern Wisconsin Cities and Village pen letter to Joint Finance Committee

1/11/2017 - Twenty-eight leaders of southeastern Wisconsin cities and villages sent a letter to the Joint Finance Committee urging them... read more

Public policy leaders and lawmakers meet to discuss transportation funding gap

1/11/2017, Wisconsin Public Radio - Lawmakers and public policy leaders discussed solutions to Wisconsin's $1 billion transportation shortfall at a forum... read more

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is on record in support of a gas tax increase

1/8/2017, UpFront with Mike Gousha - Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is on record in support of a gas tax increase. Kurt... read more

Valders Journal Editorial: State needs strong road funding plans

1/5/2017, Valders Journal - Gov. Scott Walker’s refusal to raise gas taxes or vehicle registration fees and the Legislature’s insistence... read more

Janesville Gazette Editorial: News flash – Fixing roads costs money

1/3/2017, Janesville Gazette - This could be the year of the wheel tax. Janesville and Beloit have had it for years.... read more

Franzen: Time to deal with Wisconsin’s road crisis

12/30/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The state needs to find new sustainable ways to pay for its transportation; and it... read more

Franzen: Legislators need to fix the road revenue problem

12/18/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Republicans in the state Legislature already have started squabbling over what is likely to be next... read more

Bipartisan support shown for transportation, education

12/17/2016, Eau Claire Leader Telegram - Rare bipartisan agreement was on display Friday morning at UW-Eau Claire. Regional Republican and Democratic... read more

State Capitol Report: A Call For Greater Diversity Of Transportation Funding Sources

12/12/2016, WPR (audio) Joy Cardin Show - The State Capitol Report continues with a look at the transportation funding troubles facing Wisconsin.... read more

Schneider: Time to look at new road funding options

12/10/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - "The highway's a ribbon, it makes a gift of everything," croons singer/songwriter Eef Barzelay on his... read more

Journal Times editorial: Time for Wisconsin to pay as we go on roads

12/1/2016, Racine Journal Times - No one likes to see his or her taxes go up. But most of us... read more

Milton Council approves $30 wheel tax

11/30/2016, The Milton Courier - As soon as March or April 2017, the City of Milton will have a wheel tax... read more

Beloit Daily News Editorial: Vos should take lead on highways

11/30/2016, Beloit Daily News - NEWS OUT OF MADISON this week has suggested there’s plenty of daylight between Gov. Scott... read more

Walters: Speaker Vos playing mythbuster role

11/28/2016, Beloit Daily News - THE CABLE TV show MythBusters may have ended eight months ago, but Assembly Speaker Robin Vos... read more

No easy answers to Wisconsin road funding problem

11/27/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -  Just in case anyone thought solving Wisconsin’s $1 billion transportation budget deficit was going to be... read more

State transportation battle to begin

11/23/2016 - Racine Journal Times -  The battle over roads funding is about to heat up. A hearing has been... read more

Compilation of Turnout for Transportation press hits

Summary of press hits Compilation of stories

Road upkeep expected to rule state budget

11/19/2016, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram - Wisconsin’s road problems will finally reach the “boiling point” in the upcoming state budget after the... read more

Henry Schienebeck: Delaying road, bridge projects means added costs for forest products

11/18/2016, Superior Telegram - With elections in the rearview mirror, it's time to focus on other critical issues. One in particular... read more

Hit the road, Wisconsin: Miles driven in state set all-time record

10/20/16, Wisconsin State Journal - No wonder it's bumper to bumper on Wisconsin roads in summer. Drivers in the Dairy... read more

Bob Hunt: Transportation budget nothing but a shell game

10/19/2016, Dunn County News - The debate on state transportation funding is in full swing. Governor Walker did not promise good... read more

Milton to consider wheel tax

10/13/2016, Jefferson Daily Union - City of Milton staff is recommending a $30 “wheel tax.” The recommendation was included in the... read more

Greg Buckley, Two Rivers City Manager: Cost savings alone won’t fund roads

10/13/2016, Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter - Last week, I wrote about the need for more state funding to maintain and rebuild... read more

WISTAX REPORT: As Local Roads Crumble, State Transportation Borrowing ‘No Longer an Option’

10/12/2016, - A non-partisan tax research organization has investigated the state of Wisconsin's transportation funding, and the results are getting... read more

Senator Julie Lassa Column: It’s time to fix Wisconsin’s roads

10/04/2016, The Tomah Journal - Not long ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that transportation would become a hot... read more

Milwaukee BizTimes Commentary: If we want to improve our roads, it’s going to cost us

10/3/2016, Milwaukee BizTimes - My 10-year-old son and I were driving to Madison recently to attend a University of Wisconsin football... read more

Victoria Hanson of AAA Wisconsin: State road budget is on the wrong course

9/26/2016, Wisconsin State Journal - Our nation and most states, including Wisconsin, are facing a serious challenge: Their major road... read more

Transportation proposal has little meat on its bones

9/26/2016, The Country Today - Gov. Scott Walker unveiled some of the details of his 2017-2019 transportation budget proposal a couple... read more

Transportation Meet at Crivitz Sept. 29

9/25/2016, Peshtigo Times, The Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) and the Wisconsin County Highway Association (WCHA) are leading an effort to conduct... read more

Lincoln County signs on to ‘Just Fix It’ campaign

9/22/2016, Merrill Foto News - Lincoln County has signed on to a statewide alliance of public and private entities seeking more... read more

Other Views: Rebuilding freeways is a need, not a want Craig Thompson

09/21/2016, Janesville Gazette - Wisconsin’s Interstates are neither decorative nor frivolous. A well-functioning I-94 or I-90 is not akin to getting... read more

Oneida County becomes 50th county in Wisconsin asking state to ‘Just Fix’ roads

9/20/2016, WAEO/WJFW TV Rhinelander - On Tuesday, Oneida County became the 50th of Wisconsin's 72 counties asking the state to "Just... read more

Republicans take a fork in the (disintegrating?) roads

9/19/2016, Blaska's Bring It! , In Business - Today’s blog is extra special deplorable for the basket weavers in the peanut... read more

La Crosse Tribune: Roads require long-term solution

9/19/2016, La Crosse Tribune - Wisconsin’s roads need more than engineering and concrete. They need leadership and courage. They don’t... read more

Thanks for 39/90. But what’s next?

9/17/2016, Beloit Daily News - PEOPLE IN ROCK COUNTY should be pleased — particularly any of them who regularly travel... read more

Walker transportation budget gets cool reception

9/16/2016, La Crosse Tribune - While Gov. Scott Walker traveled the state Thursday touting the increase in state funding for... read more

Doyle weighs in on political battle over transportation funding

9/16/2016, WXOW ABC La Crosse (video) - A political battle over transportation funding in Wisconsin heats up with Governor Scott Walker... read more

Scott Walker transportation budget holds line on taxes, delays Verona Road expansion

9/16/2016, Wisconsin State Journal - Gov. Scott Walker edged closer Thursday to a road-funding showdown with fellow Republicans in the... read more

FRIDAY FINISHERS:DOT budget snubs southeast Wisconsin

9/16/2016, Racine Journal Times - Thanks a bunch, governor. Gov. Scott Walker’s Department of Transportation released its two-year budget plan Thursday... read more

Critics decry Gov. Walker plan to delay Zoo Interchange and other highway projects

9/16/2016, WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio - Gov. Scott Walker is drawing sharp criticism for his plan to delay highway projects, including... read more

Wisconsin lawmakers not sold on Scott Walker’s transportation proposal

9/16/16, The Cap Times, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration would cut funding for state highway programs while providing more money for... read more

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: Stop kicking the can down the road

9/16/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - If the state is going to stop kicking the can down the road, then Vos and... read more

Zoo Interchange completion to be delayed under DOT budget proposal

9/15/2016, Milwaukee Business Journal - The north leg of the Zoo Interchange would not be completely rebuilt until 2022, a... read more

Wisconsin Republicans broke ranks with Gov. Scott Walker on his transportation budget proposal Thursday, warning the governor’s plans to delay a number of major projects will leave the state facing higher road-building costs in the future

9/15/2016, AP - Wisconsin Republicans broke ranks with Gov. Scott Walker on his transportation budget proposal Thursday, warning the governor's plans... read more

Pushback on plan delaying I-94 work

9/15/2016, Racine Journal Times - Elected officials in Racine County sharply criticized Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed transportation funding plan for... read more

State 23 expansion delayed; interim work begins

9/15/2016, Fond du Lac Reporter - Expect more traffic delays at a busy intersection that carries the flow of traffic to... read more

Highway 23 expansion on hold east of Fond du Lac

9/15/2016, WBAY ABC Green Bay - On Thursday Governor Scott Walker announced the state Department of Transportation’s budget proposal to be... read more

Walker Roads Plan Would Cut $447M, Delay Major Projects

9/15/2016, Wisconsin Public Radio - Gov. Scott Walker's administration plans to solve a shortfall in road funding by making cuts, delaying... read more

Governor unveils state transportation plan at Lake Wissota

9/15/2016, The Chippewa Herald - Using the construction on the Highway X bridge over Paint Creek/Lake Wissota as a backdrop,... read more

Verona Road construction hits a roadblock

9/15/2016, NBC Madison (video) - On Thursday, Governor Scott Walker talked about his proposal for the transportation budget. He says his... read more

Buffalo County signs on to ‘Just Fix It’ campaign, pressuring Walker to fund roads

9/15/2016, Winona Daily News - Buffalo County has signed on to a statewide alliance of public and private entities seeking... read more

Walker: 2-year delay for Zoo Interchange, but no tax hike

9/14/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The state would provide more money for local roads and existing highways but delay by at... read more

Kelley: Keeping freeway projects on schedule is vital

9/14/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The Waukesha County Business Alliance is a private, member-driven organization that has been the voice of... read more

Fitzgerald: Transportation will be legislative priority

9/13/2016, Beaver Dam Daily Citizen - Wisconsin Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said fixing roads and finding ways to pay for the... read more

Walker’s DOT budget proposal could delay Zoo Interchange project

9/14/2016, WISN ABC Milwaukee (video) - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the state Department of Transportation has developed a... read more

Streets, bridges, buses need costly upgrades

9/13/16, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -  Milwaukee and Milwaukee County will need to spend more on aging streets, highways, bridges and... read more

Transportation secretary to unveil plan to fund Wisconsin roads

9/12/2016, WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio - This week, Wisconsin state agencies will submit their spending requests for the next two years.... read more

Ask candidates their legislative priorities

9/7/2016, Sheboygan Press - At a recent meeting of the Wisconsin League of Municipalities, the legislative priorities for the next session... read more

Roads, tax break top GOP agenda

9/7/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Assembly Republicans Wednesday proposed providing all high school freshmen with computers, extending a freeze on college... read more

The Road to Repair: County’s transportation system needs improvements, funding

9/1/2016, Jackson County Chronicle - Jackson County Highway Commissioner Randy Anderson would like to see about 12 miles of county roads... read more

Don’t blame Ripp for unfunded roads — Craig Thompson

8/31/2016, Wisconsin State Journal - In the Aug. 25 letter to the editor “Ripp hasn’t fought for road solution” the writer... read more

William L. Holahan and Charles O. Kroncke: Higher gas tax wouldn’t violate Scott Walker’s ‘no new tax’ pledge

8/26/2016, The Cap Times - Wisconsin is growing relatively slowly, ranking 32nd in new jobs compared to 10th for Michigan and... read more

Lawmaker looks to public to solve transportation budget gridlock

8/25/2016, Superior Telegram - Wisconsin Public Radio The co-chair of the state's budget-writing committee, Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, is trying to... read more

Abbotsford Tribune-Phonograph editorial: Spinning tires

8/24/2016, Abbotsford Tribune-Phonograph. This item also appeared in the Medford Star News, the Cornell Courier Sentinel, the Edgar Record-Review and the Loyal Tribune Record Gleaner.

County OKs car tax, Wausau puts it to voters

8/23/2016, Wausau Daily Herald - Marathon County car owners will pay a new $25 fee starting next year to help cover the cost... read more

City council likely to urge state officials to “Just Fix” transportation budget woes

08/18/2016 - 1230 AM WCLO - When it comes to state transportation funding, some Janesville City Council members are saying “Just... read more

George Mitchell: Southeast Wisconsin Freeways – A rough road ahead?

8/18/2016, Right Wisconsin - The Marquette Interchange project — completed eight years ago — signaled the start of a 30-year plan... read more

Rep. Ripp: Dear Governor Walker

8/18/2016, Lodi Enterprise - Dear Governor Walker, In the last six years, we have done great work together to champion... read more

Communities turn to wheel tax for road maintenance

8/15/2016, Spooner Advocate - More local governments are looking into raising vehicle registration fees to keep up with road and highway... read more

The Rice Lake Chronotype Editorial: Something has to give

8/8/2016, The Rice Lake Chronotype - Like deer-crossing signs on rural roads, reminders that the state is facing a transportation... read more

Green Bay Press-Gazette Editorial: Paying for roads at critical juncture

8/6/2016, Green Bay Press-Gazette - The frustration of road construction season in Wisconsin may soon be eclipsed by that of road... read more

Rough road ahead for transportation

8/3/2016, The Star News Online - With a recent study putting the condition of Wisconsin’s roads in the bottom third of... read more

Beloit Daily News Editorial: Lead must come from legislators

8/3/2016, Beloit Daily News - AND SO WISCONSIN’S confusion continues, over how to meet its transportation and infrastructure needs. Gov. Scott... read more

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: State falling short on roads

7/31/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - What will legislators do about transportation funding? And when will they actually do it? Those are... read more

George Mitchell: Wisconsin needs a higher gas tax

7/30/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - In 2011, Gov. Scott Walker and the state Legislature inherited two fiscal time bombs from former... read more

Scott Walker wants to green-light east-west I-94 project

7/30/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - As Gov. Scott Walker talks about cutting Milwaukee highway megaprojects to avoid gas tax hikes, he's... read more

Wisconsin faces nearly $1 billion shortfall on roads

7/27/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - The state faces a nearly $1 billion gap over two years on transportation funding — a... read more

Wisconsin State Journal Editorial: Motorists here pay less to drive cars

7/27/2016, Wisconsin State Journal - Wisconsin has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, Gov. Scott Walker keeps saying... read more

State looks to fill holes in road, transportation funding

7/27/2016, WISC-TV Madison (video) - Wisconsin is short about a billion dollars for the next two years on its road budget,... read more

George Mitchell: Another fact check on transportation funding

7/25/2016, Right Wisconsin - "Over the last 20 years, spending on [Wisconsin] highway expansion has increased by 50 percent.” That’s the... read more

Looming crisis: Stagnant state transportation funding leaves municipal roads in trouble

7/24/2016, La Crosse Tribune - Mike Hesse knows the roads of Farmington, La Crosse County’s largest town at 76 square miles,... read more

George Mitchell: A transportation fact check

7/19/2016, Right Wisconsin - “Wisconsin’s gas taxes are already almost 50% above the national average.” So begins a form letter that... read more

Portage joins call for infrastructure investment

7/14/2016, Portage Daily Register - The Portage Common Council unanimously voted Thursday night to have Portage join a chorus of municipalities... read more

Walker looking for ways to fund road work

7/12/2016, The Chippewa Herald - On Tuesday night, the Chippewa County Board will decide whether it wants to send a message... read more

George Mitchell: Wisconsin drivers overtaxed? Judge for yourself – A comparison of nearby state gas taxes

7/12/2016, Right Wisconsin - Bet you didn’t know this:  a typical motorist in Wisconsin’s four neighboring states pays an average of... read more

A.J. Nino Amato: Scott Walker is aligning himself for future presidential run

7/10/2016, The Cap Times - Far from the wolves of Wall Street and the political corruption of Washington, D.C., but within... read more

Northern legislators concerned over transportation

7/9/2016, Spooner Advocate - In presentations at the annual meeting of Northwest Regional Planning Commission June 28 in Hayward, three state... read more

Just Fix It road resolution gains traction in southwest Wisconsin

7/8/2016, Dubuque Telegraph Herald - In recent weeks, multiple southwest Wisconsin municipalities and counties have passed resolutions advocating for an... read more

Plain Talk: While Walker panders, our roads continue to deteriorate

7/6/2016, Cap Times by Editor Emeritus Dave Zweifel - If you ever need an example of why Wisconsin's economy continues to lag... read more

Ozaukee Press Editorial: The no-tax burden

7/6/2016, The Ozaukee Press, The rigid ideology practiced by Wisconsin’s governor and legislature has exacted a high price from state... read more

Tourism leader fears road conditions will impact industry

6/29/2016, NBC 15 Madison (video)- Earlier this week, Governor Scott Walker sent a letter to the state's Department of Transportation... read more

Op Ed: Gov. Scott Walker holds down gas tax — and growth

6/29/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, By William L. Holahan And Charles O. Kroncke In violation of conservative "pro-market" economic principles, Gov. Scott... read more

Gov. Scott Walker at odds with Assembly Republicans over how to fix road funding shortfall

6/28/2016, Fox News 6 Milwaukee (video) - Gov. Scott Walker wants the state Transportation Department to delay spending on major... read more

I-90/39 project delay would increase anxiety, risk for trucking distributors

6/26/2016, Janesville Gazette - Blain Supply employees Tom Yungerman and and Chad Miller had been at a standstill in their... read more

Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow: State’s transportation system is in crisis

6/23/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - When I campaigned for Waukesha County executive, I was clear that my priority was to help... read more

Tom Diehl: Transportation — and road conditions — key to Wisconsin’s vibrant tourism industry

6/22/2016, La Crosse Tribune - Tourism is one of the three major economic pillars that drive our state’s economy, along with... read more

State Capitol Report: Wisconsin roads in poor repair: How to “Fix It”

6/20/2016, Wisconsin Public Radio's The Joy Cardin Show (audio) - According to recent reports, Wisconsin roads rate third-to-last in the nation.... read more

Vos: ‘I just disagree fundamentally’ with Governor on transportation funding

6/17/2016, Wisconsin Public Radio (audio) - State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, says he doesn't intend to pass the next state budget... read more

Assembly Speaker Vos on transportation funding

6/17/2016, Wisconsin Public Television (video)

Interstate 90/39 work could stretch into 2024

6/17/2016, Janesville Gazette, Traffic disruption, temporary detours, lane slimming and overpass construction might be the biggest headaches for drivers on... read more

New campaign demands lawmakers to ‘Just Fix’ the roads

6/16/2016, WFRV Green Bay (video) - Whether it's the state's interstates or local streets, drivers are fed up with Wisconsin... read more

Wisconsin officials push for road repair funding

6/15/2016, KBJR Superior (video), Wisconsin officials are calling for more funds to repair crumbling roads across the state, as a... read more

Study: Wisconsin has some of worst driving conditions in U.S.

6/15/2016, WISN Milwaukee (video, minute 5) - The state sports some of the worst roads in the country, whether it’s funding... read more

Local government leaders decry Wisconsin’s road repair backup

6/14/2016, Wisconsin Public Radio - Groups representing Wisconsin counties, cities and towns are calling for more funding to repair roads across... read more

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke: Fixing transportation funding is the conservative choice

6/14/2016, Right Wisconsin - Over the last 5 ½ years, Republicans in the state legislature with the leadership of Governor... read more

Racine Journal Times editorial: Time to do what’s needed for state’s existing roads

6/14/2016, Racine Journal Times - Wisconsin has the fourth-worst roads in the nation, according to a U.S. Department of Transportation study... read more

Matt Pommer: State singing the highway blues

06/12/16, Janesville Gazette - Bad, but not unexpected, news has arrived for county and local governments. Gov. Scott Walker has ruled... read more

Steineke: Need to lead on transportation

06/12/2016, WISN UpFront with Mike Gousha (video) - Transcript: MIKE: Our state leaders at odds over a big fix for crumbling... read more

Is it time to ‘just fix’ Wisconsin’s roads?

6/10/2016, WTMJ Milwaukee The Jeff Wagner Show (podcast) - call-in segment on Just Fix It.

Group demands lawmakers ‘Just Fix’ the roads

6/9/2016, WISN Milwaukee (video) - A lot of drivers are fed up with how bad Wisconsin's roads are. There's usually a... read more

What isn’t deteriorating in Wisconsin? Walker’s road budget mess

6/8/2016, On Milwaukee - What isn't deteriorating in Wisconsin? You can't argue our universities have improved. You certainly can't argue our... read more

It’s time to fix transportation

6/8/2016, Beloit Daily News - SO, APPARENTLY, WISCONSIN Secretary of Transportation Mark Gottlieb — normally a reliable pragmatist — has decided... read more

Craig Thompson: Statewide, the story is the same: Fix the roads

6/5/2016, La Crosse Tribune -  During the past several weeks, the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin hosted six community discussions about... read more

How will Wisconsin pay for roads?

6/5/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Last week, Gov. Scott Walker declared that he was flatly opposed to any increase in... read more

Kenosha News Editorial: Transportation needs a funding boost

6/5/2016, Kenosha News - Gov. Scott Walker last week made clear that he would propose no increases in gasoline taxes... read more

Janesville Gazette Editorial: On road funding, ‘Just Fix It’

6/4/2016, Janesville Gazette - “The need for improvements has never been more obvious. While the human toll of this delay is... read more

Wisconsin State Journal Editorial: Scott Walker punts again on how to pay for roads

6/3/2016, Wisconsin State Journal - Don’t look for leadership from Gov. Scott Walker on getting people and products where they need... read more

Communities wonder if local roads will be fixed in light of likely DOT budget

6/3/2016, WISC Madison (video) - Area communities are wondering whether they'll get to fix their roads after recent news that the... read more

Wausau Daily Herald Editorial: Will Wisconsin ever fix its roads?

6/3/2016, Wausau Daily Herald - Mark my words: Marshfield is going to be a trendsetter for Wisconsin. The city of fewer... read more

DOT Secretary: “Non-Backbone” Roads Will “Continue to Deteriorate”

6/2/2016, Right Wisconsin - Farmers, businesses, and just plain folks have this consolation as they bump along on a deteriorated Wisconsin... read more

Douglas County Video

Community meets to discuss transportation

6/1/2016, WAOW Wausau (video) - Local government officials and community members met Wednesday to talk transportation woes. The "Just Fix It"... read more

Local community leaders discuss struggles with rough roads

6/1/2016, WJFW Rhineland (video) - This spring, Rhinelander voters approved raising their own taxes, with the money going to repair the... read more

Group seeks county backing for more road money

5/31/2016, WXPR Radio - The Wisconsin Counties Association is out with a proposed resolution to the state's 72 county boards designed... read more

Conservatives must lead with transportation fix

5/31/2016, Daily Takes - It’s time to get serious about the Wisconsin road, bridge and highway crisis, and it’s time for... read more

Possible Delays I-39/90 Project

5/30/2016 - WMSN Fox 47 Madison (video) - Orange cones and break lights are not what you want to see on... read more

Report: Rough roads cost state drivers billions

5/29/2016, Mike Gousha Show WISN (video) - Steve Baas of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce discusses the May 2016... read more

Green Bay Press-Gazette Editorial: Long-term roads funding needed

5/28/2016, Green Bay Press-Gazette - Memorial Day weekend is a busy time on the state’s interstates and highways, especially as travelers... read more

DOT chief tips hand on possible delays to I-90/39 project

5/26/2016, Janesville Gazette - Wisconsin is months away from hashing out its next biennial budget, but the prospect of major road... read more

Wisconsin roads repairs face a shortfall of $650 million a year; local leaders look for a solution

5/25/2016, TMJ4 Milwaukee (video) - The roads in Wisconsin are in rough shape. They're so bad-- according to one report, they... read more

Transportation and the economy: Politicians, business leaders gather for round-table discussion

5/25/2016, Fox 6 Milwaukee (video) - Local politicians and business leaders on Wednesday, May 25th met for a transportation round-table discussion... read more

Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin Regional Meeting in Waukesha

5/25/2016, WisconsinEye coverage

Transportation group hears local concerns

5/24/2016, News Talk 1150 WHBY Fox Cities - A group that wants lawmakers to put together a solution to the state's... read more

La Crosse Tribune Editorial: It’s time to fix our road problem

5/23/2016, La Crosse Tribune - If Wisconsin is open for business, we’d better figure out how to raise more money to... read more

Local officials talk transportation, infrastructure effects on community

5/19/2016, WEAU Eau Claire (video)-- Lack of local infrastructure funding was the main talking point, Thursday at the Chippewa Valley Regional... read more

Local leaders discuss ways to improve Wisconsin roads

5/19/2016, WQOW Eau Claire (video) - For many Midwesterners, seasons are often divided between winter and construction season.  Sometimes even... read more

Onalaska panel ties transportation woes to economic development

5/17/2016, La Crosse Tribune - Infrastructure and transportation problems have started to put a damper on economic development, area officials... read more

Local business leaders team up to talk roads

5/17/2016, WKBT-TV La Crosse (video) - Local business leaders are teaming up with elected officials to talk about our area roads.... read more

Group: Madison-area Roads not up to par, costing drivers money

5/5/2016, Fox 47 (video) - MADISON, Wis. -According to a report from a highway lobbying group, most major roads in the... read more

Transportation Nonprofit: Disrepair on Wisconsin roads, bridges costs drivers billions

5/5/2016 - Wisconsin Public Radio - According to a report from a national transportation nonprofit, disrepair on Wisconsin's roadways and bridges... read more

Group: Madison-area roads not up to par, costing drivers money

5/5/2016, WISC Madison (video) - According to a report from a highway lobbying group, most major roads in the Madison area... read more

Wisconsin road conditions costly for motorists

5/5/2016-TMJ4 Milwaukee (video) - It's a mess along many roads in Southeast Wisconsin. The crumbling and congested streets are costing drivers a... read more

How much are WI roads costing you?

5/5/2016, WMTV Madison (video) -  A new report released Thursday shows Madison area roads are in worse shape than you... read more

Report: Poor infrastructure costs Wisconsin drivers $6 billion annually

5/5/2016, BizTimes - More than half of all Milwaukee area roads and highways are in “mediocre to poor” condition, and accelerated vehicle... read more

Study: Those bumpy, slow rides cost you $2,000

5/5/2016, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee area commuters stuck in traffic, here's one more thing to fume over: You're spending an... read more

Study says half of Milwaukee roads are poor, mediocre

5/5/2016, WDJT Milwaukee (video) - A report released by TRIP, a national transportation research group says over half of Milwaukee's roads are... read more

TRIP releases Wisconsin Transportation BY THE NUMBERS Report


Report highlights ‘structurally deficient’ bridges in Wisconsin

4/11/2016, Wisconsin Radio Network - The head of a state transportation advocacy group says a recent report shows there’s a real need to... read more

Some bridges in Dane County in poor condition

4/1/2016, WMTV-TV Madison (video) - According to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, of more than 14,000 bridges in the... read more

La Crosse Tribune editorial: Our worn roads need repair, not spin

3/20/2016, La Crosse Tribune - Just how bad – or good — are the roads in Wisconsin? It depends who... read more

Study: 4th worst roads in U.S.

3/9/2016, WKBT-TV La Crosse (video) Transcript: Wisconsin roads are among the worst in the nation. The American Society of Civil Engineers... read more

Our View: Fix it already!

3/9/2016, Sun Prairie Star - The headline does not refer to the make-believe world of the children’s TV clay-mation character... read more

Officials say roads ranked 4th worst in nation due to funding

3/8/2016, WMSN-TV Madison (video) and WISC-TV Madison (video) - Chances are the streets you drive on every day could be some of... read more

Wisconsin roads now fourth worst in nation, and getting worse

3/4/2016, WIZM-AM La Crosse - Not long ago, people in Wisconsin would justify the high taxes paid in this state... read more

Wisconsin ranks 3rd worst for roadway conditions in the nation

3/2/16, WQOW-TV Eau Claire (video) - Wisconsin is climbing the list for having the third worst road conditions in the... read more

Wisconsin roadways ranked fourth-worst in the U.S.

3/1/2016, WBAY-TV Green Bay (video) - Wisconsin roadways were ranked fourth-worst in by the Department of Transportation’s Road and Bridge Data... read more

Plea for more money: Transportation system underfunded, audience told

2/28/2016, Tomah Journal - Wisconsin has an underfunded transportation network that needs an infusion of revenue. That was the message an... read more

Vos: Lack of highway funding fix ‘biggest disappointment’

2/25/2016, Racine Journal Times - Not long after highlighting an array of measures the state Legislature passed this session — right-to-work... read more

Potholes costing drivers billions in damage annually

2/22/2016, La Crosse (See video), WI (WXOW) - As the weather begins to warm and snow and ice start to thaw,... read more

Raise the gas tax

2/12/16 by George Mitchell - To some those are fighting words. They believe the phrase “tax increase” may be... read more

State Views: We only need political will to fix roadwork needs

2/2/2016, Janesville Gazette  By Craig Thompson - The state of transportation in Wisconsin is not as strong as it needs to be.... read more

Democrat leader hopes for roads plan

12/15/2015, Upfront with Mike Gousha - Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, D-La Crosse, says she hopes Democrats and Republicans can... read more

On road funding, GOP lawmakers say they’re ready for a real fix.

11/12/2015, Racine Journal Times - Republican leaders of the Legislature’s budget panel, after green-lighting borrowing to fund highway projects the next... read more

Beloit Daily News editorial: Find a way to sustain roads

11/09/2015, Beloit Daily News - THE PROJECT TO WIDEN Interstate 39/90 from the Illinois state line to Madison will go forward,... read more

Guest Perspective by WMC’s Jason Culotta: Fixing Wisconsin’s transportation finance shortfall

10/23/2015, TDA Newsletter - By Jason Culotta, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce July marked the end of a contentious state budget process.... read more

Wisconsin State Journal editorial: State slows roads, prolongs headaches

10/07/2015, Wisconsin State Journal - Snarled traffic at higher cost. That’s what state leaders just delivered to Madison, Janesville, Beloit, Fond... read more

La Crosse Tribune editorial: Turn focus to state’s crumbling roads

9/28/2015, La Crosse Tribune - Yogi Berra was right. You can observe a lot by watching. Just observe the priorities of the Wisconsin... read more

Counties to show off worst roads in grassroots campaign for funding

9/23/2015, La Crosse Tribune -Frustrated by the Wisconsin legislature’s unwillingness to provide adequate transportation funding, local governments are preparing to... read more

Together, we will get through this

3/24/20, InBusiness Blog – We spend our lives planning and looking forward to what’s next — meaningful milestones, the next business year,... read more

Growing Wisconsin’s economy one community at a TIME

3/5/20, InBusiness Blog - Wisconsin has vibrant larger cities, picturesque rural towns, and communities of all types and sizes in... read more

Making the connection with new bus service to Sun Prairie

11/05/19, InBusiness Blog - Everyone is overbooked these days. We run from one work meeting or family obligation to another.... read more

The Road Less Traveled

9/26/19, InBusiness Blog - People who know me are aware of my slightly contrary nature. I travel my own path.... read more

It’s about TIME: Transportation Investment Moves Everything

7/23/19, InBusiness Blog - As the governor signed the state budget, motorists were hitting the road for one of the... read more

Does the legislature have a sustainable plan for transportation?

5/23/19, InBusiness Blog - Wisconsin, like other states, has grappled with how to fund transportation for more than a decade.... read more

Transportation funding — Pay now, or pay more later

3/26/19, InBusiness Blog - Over time, the cost of most things goes up — food, clothing, rent. According to the... read more

To gauge the public’s appetite for transportation fix, ask about costs AND benefits

2/19/19, InBusiness Blog - Wisconsinites are increasingly willing to “Just Fix It” and support a reasonable investment in transportation. This... read more

Failing to plan costs us more than money — it costs us time

7/19/18, InBusiness Blog - While much of the discussion about the poor condition of Wisconsin’s road network has centered on... read more

Wisconsin’s roads crumble while difficult decisions are delayed

3/6/18, InBusiness Blog - Paralysis. That is the only word that seems to truly sum up Wisconsin when it comes to sustainable... read more

2017 was not a great year for transportation funding in Wisconsin

1/9/18, InBusiness Blog - Now that 2017 is in the rearview mirror, it is time to look back on what was... read more

Is it possible even Foxconn isn’t enough to finally get North-South Corridor finished?

11/7/17, InBusiness Blog - For years I have read surveys conducted by national site selection magazines that regularly ask CEOs across... read more

Punting on transportation funding leads state down rough road

10/17/17, InBusiness Blog - The state budget was finally signed into law on Sept. 21. The spirited debate over how to... read more

Recalling the transportation and economic lessons of Tommy Thompson

6/01/2017, In Business Blog - There is a noteworthy project going on right now to celebrate and, more importantly, learn from... read more

Economic development tastes sweet

03/28/2017, In Business Blog - The Village of Pleasant Prairie just chalked up yet another win. The announcement that German candy... read more

When it comes to state roads, just fix them already

02/09/2017, In Business Blog - Wisconsin has some of the worst roads in the country. That has been confirmed yet... read more

Too big to fix?

1/11/2017,  In Business Blog - The state of transportation in Wisconsin is not as strong as it needs to be. I... read more

For road projects we need to ask: If not now, when?

9/22/2016, In Business Blog - Wisconsin’s interstates are neither decorative nor frivolous. A well functioning I-94 or I-90 is not akin... read more

Businesses and local governments agree — Wisconsin roads suck

6/9/2016, In Business Blog - Over the past several weeks, the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin hosted community discussions about local... read more

Common sense prevails

3/15/2016, In Business Blog - I thought the phrase “common sense isn’t so common” may be a bit tired.  So,... read more

Fixing Wisconsin’s highways

2/2/2016, In Business Blog - The state of transportation in Wisconsin is not as strong as it needs to be.... read more

For retail shopping there is a new king

12/10/2015, In Business Blog - It’s the most wonderful time of the year again for retailers everywhere. As some traditions endure, others... read more

Can Ryan help with long-term transportation deal?

11/4/2015, In Business Blog - There has certainly been a flurry of activity in Washington, D.C. Despite a great deal of... read more

Cost of doing nothing adding up

10/5/2015, In Business Blog - Here we go. The real life impacts of kicking the can down the road on transportation funding... read more

What can we learn from the Trump phenomena?

9/1/2015, In Business Blog - No matter where you stand on Donald Trump, there is no arguing that he has taken... read more

Here’s to a safe 97th PGA Championship

8/4/2015, In Business Blog - Next week, the eyes of the world are going to be on Sheboygan and its magnificent... read more

Can our bad roads be good for tourism?

6/30/2015, In Business Blog - As the debate over the transportation fund continues to hold up passage of the state’s biennial... read more

Travel safe when you hit the road this summer

06/02/2015, In Business Blog - Summertime is upon us. Schools are about to unleash the wrath, which we call our children,... read more

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AAA: Nearly 43 Million Americans Will Kick off the Season with a Memorial Day Vacation

5/15/2019, AAA - Nearly 43 million Americans will start their summers on a high note with a Memorial Day weekend... read more

Opinion column: Why gas tax is best fix for our bad roads

10/24/17, The Effingham Daily News - In a market with many buyers and sellers, price plays a key role when... read more

States push to raise gasoline taxes

2/21/2017, Wall Street Journal - Tennessee and Alaska are among the states looking to tax motorists more after decades with... read more

Tennessee Gov. Haslam plan calls for 7-cent gas tax hike, cuts to grocery sales tax

01/18/2017, The Tennessean - Gov. Bill Haslam is pushing a 7-cent hike in the state's gas tax, new fees on electric... read more

Governor Holcomb’s address focused on advancing Indiana’s long-term position with targeted investment, attention to key areas

1/17/2017, WBIW-AM -Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on Tuesday delivered his 2017 State of the State address to a joint convention... read more

Indiana House Republicans outline tax plan for additional road funding

1/11/2017, Indianapolis Star - Republican House leaders on Monday presented an ambitious plan to inject nearly half a billion dollars a... read more

AAA: 48.7 million Americans to travel this Thanksgiving

11/15/2016, AAA -  AAA projects that 48.7 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving, an increase... read more

Voters want transportation investment: Record number of state and local ballot measures approved

11/9/2016, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center - Preliminary November 8 election results show voters in 22 states approved ballot measures that will... read more

Slowdown in state, local investment dents U.S. economy

10/26/2016, The Wall Street Journal - A sharp pullback in spending by cities and states on infrastructure—from highways to sewage systems... read more

MnDOT reports an increase in road and bridge funding gap

8/27/2016, Voice of Alexandria - The funding necessary to provide Minnesotans with an economically competitive state highway and bridge system over... read more

U.S. driving up 3.3 percent in first half of 2016

8/22/2016, USDOT press release - New data released today by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)... read more

Illinois proposal keeps transportation funds from being spent elsewhere

8/18/2016, WQAU-TV IL -When Illinois voters head to the polls in November, the first ballot question won't be for presidential... read more

How Trump and Clinton would rebuild creaky infrastructure

8/16/2016, - It's one thing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton unambiguously agree on: Roads, bridges, airports and other U.S.... read more

US residents drove record 3.1 trillion miles in 2015

2/22/2016, The Hill - U.S. drivers traveled a record more than 3 trillion miles on the nation's roads and highways in... read more

November 2015 mileage continuing record-setting pace

1/22/2016 - According to the Federal Highway Administration, travel during November 2015 on all roads and streets in the nation... read more

The United States Conference of Mayors: Addressing aging infrastructure tops list of mayoral challenges in new survey

1/20/2016 - A new survey of the nation’s mayors shows that aging and underfunded infrastructure rises above other shared challenges... read more

Indiana lawmakers move forward on competing transportation funding proposals

1/13/2016, The Transportation Investment Advocate Blog - A day after Indiana House Republicans released a new transportation funding proposal, Gov. Mike Pence’s... read more

Raising the gas tax, the conservative thing to do

01/08/2016, Montgomery Advertiser - As is the case in so many states, Alabama’s transportation infrastructure (its roads and bridges) is in dire... read more

Gov. Rick Snyder signs $1.2B road funding package

11/10/2015, Detroit Free Press - Gov. Rick Snyder capped a four-year effort Tuesday when he signed into law a $1.2-billion road... read more

Archived Coverage
TDA Economic Forum

Monday, April 24, Noon to 3 p.m. Milwaukee Athletic Club 758 N. Broadway, Milwaukee The efficient movement of goods and... read more

Highway bill to boost road money for Wisconsin

12/3/2015, WisBusiness - Roadbuilders are cheering a five-year highway funding bill that would increase the amount of federal money going to... read more

Highway funds: Too much or too little?

October 31, 20105 - Sheboygan Press - Were it not for the lawsuit over State 23, work on the highway would... read more

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