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December 2018 Newsletter

  • TDA statement on Thompson appointment
  • Thompson farewell message to TDA members
  • TDA’s Wisconsin 12 Days of Christmas
  • TDA Fly-in information
  • Association news

November 2018 Newsletter

  • TDA Annual Meeting
  • Media coverage
  • Voters once again show support for transportation investment
  • More than 54 million Americans to travel this Thanksgiving
  • Senate passes ballast water measure
  • Allison Bussler TDA’s 2018-2019 president

September/October 2018 Newsletter

  • TRIP Report: Wisconsin motorists lose $6.8 billion per year driving on rough, congested and outdated roads
  • Fall forums
  • Media coverage
  • New case studies
  • Federal update

August 2018 Newsletter

  • News coverage
  • August case studies
  • 96% of state lawmakers who voted for gas tax increase win ’18 primaries
  • Fall forums

July 2018 Newsletter

  • Majority of Wisconsin voters say roads in fair or poor condition
  • Eau Claire County enacts $30 wheel tax
  • Wisconsin’s roads: Failing to plan costs us more than money, it costs us time
  • Great Lakes shipping supports 237,000 jobs

June 2018 Newsletter

  • Rough Road Tour continues in Eau Claire and Marathon counties
  • TDA case study: Spending problem or revenue problem?
  • AAA predicts new Independence Day holiday travel record
  • Other JFI media coverage

May 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018 Fly-in to DC recap and thanks to sponsors
  • La Crosse County Rough Road Tour
  • Detour: Wisconsin farmers cope with new bridge restrictions
  • Other JFI media coverage
  • Policy Forum releases report on wheel tax, generates news coverage around state

April 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018 Fly-in to DC
  • Just Fix It update
  • Association notes

March 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018 Fly-in to DC
  • Thompson: Wisconsin’s roads crumble while difficult decisions are delayed
  • Congress passes 2018 Omnibus bill
  • New TRIP report highlights high rate of fatal crashes involving elderly
  • INFRA grants to be announced in June, hopefully
  • 2017 traffic at record levels in US, Wisconsin

February 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018 Fly-in to DC
  • Recent media coverage
  • Tolling in the news
  • Madison Metro struggles to make capital replacements and plan for future, funding the issue
  • New gas tax to raise nearly $150 million in 2018 to Fix SC’s crumbling roads
  • Congress reaches two-year budget deal
  • Trump infrastructure investment plan released
  • AEM Poll: 81% want Congress to pass infrastructure bill in 2018

January 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018 Fly-in to DC
  • Recent media coverage
  • Possible outline of Trump infrastructure package surfaces

December 2017 Newsletter

  • Recent media coverage
  • Fiscal Bureau: Foxconn roads could draw $134 million from other state highway projects
  • Record-breaking 107 million Americans to celebrate holidays away from home

November 2017 Newsletter

  • Local governments are stepping up to address crumbling roads
  • Recent media coverage
  • Iowa, Nebraska road projects see boost from gas tax increase
  • Voters overwhelmingly support transportation investment
  • Congress’s 12 days of Christmas
  • Trucking industry says gas tax increase is the only way to pay for infrastructure

October 2017 Newsletter

  • TDA’s Craig Thompson Column: Wisconsinites deserve better roads
  • Recent media coverage
  • Support improvement of Highway 23 Corridor
  • State and local officials are asked to complete survey on highway maintenance workforce issues
  • Tom Bressner TDA’s 2017-2018 President

September 2017 Newsletter

  • Thank you
  • Recent media coverage
  • Annual Meeting recap

August 2017 Newsletter

  • TDA Annual Meeting
  • Recent media coverage
  • New national poll shows overwhelming support for infrastructure spending
  • Congress will likely need more time to finish appropriations process

July 2017 Newsletter

  • A conservative case for a gas tax hike by Dave Prosser
  • Recent media coverage
  • Oregon legislature passes $5.3 billion transportation funding bill
  • With funding in place, Indiana kicks off 20-year transportation plan
  • And South Carolina launches 10-year plan to rebuild the state’s highway system

June 2017 Newsletter

  • TDA Poll: Wisconsinites overwhelmingly oppose delaying critical interstate projects in Milwaukee
  • TDA factsheets highlight significant issues
  • Recent media coverage
  • Over 250 House members sign letter seeking long-term fix to Highway Trust Fund
  • West Virginia Legislature passes $135 million annual transportation funding bill

May 2017 Newsletter

  • May 10th Capitol day
  • TDA Just Fix It factsheet: how Wisconsin’s transportation funding challenge affects more than just roads
  • Recent media coverage
  • 2018 Trump budget and infrastructure plan
  • South Carolina fifth state to raise gas tax this year

April 2017 Newsletter

  • May 10th Capitol day
  • TDA Just Fix It factsheet highlights states that have stepped up to fund transportation
  • Recent media coverage
  • Business coalition: I-94 East-West a vital economic connection
  • Trump tax plan silent on transportation funding

March 2017 Newsletter

  • Poor road conditions, less funding proposed
  • Recent media coverage
  • States continue to look for ways to fund transportation
  • U.S. infrastructure rated a D+
  • Trumps budget cuts transportation by 13 percent
  • April 24th economic forum in Milwaukee
  • May 10th Capitol day

February 2017 Newsletter

  • TDA issues audit fact sheet
  • Recent media coverage
  • $2 billion needed to repair Wisconsin bridges
  • Indiana House Republicans pass gas tax increase
  • Us traffic continues to grow, sets new record
  • Trump infrastructure plan likely to take a backseat until 2018

January 2017 Newsletter

  • WisDOT audit won’t close $1 billion funding gap
  • Good news on revenue front, framework for possible deal
  • Recent media coverage
  • Tennessee’s Republican governor seeks gas tax hike as part of plan to build economy
  • Indiana: Transportation a top budget issue, $1.2 billion plan proposed
  • Report identifies almost $1 trillion in needed transportation investment

December 2016 Newsletter

  • Transportation hearing highlights the high cost of doing nothing
  • Just Fit It update
  • Holiday travel to reach highest level on record according to AAA
  • Federal continuing resolution keeps funds flowing through April 28th
  • Congress passes water bill

November 2016 Newsletter

  • Transportation hearing
  • Trump nominates former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to be Transportation Secretary
  • Dave Brose TDA’s 2016-2017 President
  • Just Fit It update

October 2016 Newsletter

  • TDA November 15th Annual Meeting
  • Just Fix It coverage and news
  • New Jersey 17th state to increase revenue since 2013
  • Congress passed continuing resolution, extends federal funding

September 2016 Newsletter

  • Just Fix It coverage and news

August 2016 Newsletter

  • Just Fix It coverage and news

July 2016 Newsletter

  • Just Fix It coverage and news

June 2016 Newsletter

  • Governor Walker to WisDOT: Minimize Southeast Wisconsin projects
  • Just Fix It coverage and news
  • Interstate at 60 showing its age
  • Lawmakers near deal on FAA reauthorization as deadline looms
  • AAA projects record-breaking July 4th travel

May 2016 Newsletter

  • Just Fix It meeting coverage
  • Sheboygan County floats plan to implement .5% sales tax for roads
  • Senate approves FAA reauthorization bill
  • FASTLANE grant requests greatly exceed funds available

April 2016 Newsletter

  • Just Fix It update
  • TDA regional meetings
  • Interstate 94 east-west opponents file petitions against expansion
  • Legislators call citizens to action on Highway 23
  • Proposal for new railroad line around Chicago

March 2016 Newsletter

  • Just Fix It update
  • In Business Blog: Common sense prevails
  • FAA authorization likely extended four months
  • The cost of congestion
  • Coalition working to connect Chippewa Valley via rail

February 2016 Newsletter

  • TDA, It’s time to engage
  • In Business Blog: Fixing Wisconsin’s highways
  • US mayors rank transportation as a top challenge
  • November mileage continuing record-setting pace
  • Transportation news

December 2015 Newsletter

  • A record-setting 100 million holiday travelers projected
  • In Business Blog: For retail shopping there is a new king
  • Congress year-end clean up
  • Transportation news

November 2015 Newsletter

  • News show visits La Crosse County, highlights poor conditions of county’s roads
  • Executive Perspective: Encouraging words, follow through needed
  • Fond du Lac Exec responds to tired local roads versus highways story
  • Progress on federal highway and transit bill
  • Michigan steps up to fund transportation
  • Transportation at the ballot box

October 2015 Newsletter

  • JFC to vote on WisDOT request
  • Guest Perspective: Fixing Wisconsin’s transportation finance shortfall
  • TDA report highlights benefits of highway modernization
  • Congress passes extension of surface transportation programs
  • Transportation news

September 2015 Newsletter

  • Highway projects delayed due to lack of funds
  • Just Fix It, a statewide engagement campaign, announced
  • More short-term extensions from Congress
  • Public transit keeps Wisconsin’s economy rolling
  • Transportation news

August 2015 Newsletter

  • TDA Annual Meeting September 17th
  • In Business Blog: Here’s to no unwanted headlines at the 97th PGA Championship
  • Long list for Congress after recess
  • American driving has doubled over last generation
  • Another report highlights poor road conditions in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin ports and waterways help chart the course for growing economy
  • Transportation news

July 2015 Newsletter

  • Deadline approaches for Highway Trust Fund, again
  • Executive Perspective: Preparation for the next budget begins today
  • Governor of Washington signs 11.9 cent gas tax increase
  • Wisconsin Aviation Week celebrates the strength of the state’s aviation industry
  • Transportation news

June 2015 Newsletter

  • Only one third of a gas tax increase passed on at the pump
  • Executive Perspective: Budget stalls, legislature debates which projects to delay
  • Federal update
  • The other side of the cuts to bonding
  • Troubling ranking for Wisconsin’s rural roads
  • Transportation news

May 2015 Newsletter

  • Nebraska Legislature overrides gas tax veto
  • Executive Perspective: Wisconsin is backing itself into a corner
  • Voting to raise the gas tax not politically risky, analysis says
  • Lessons learned: The defeat of Michigan’s Prop. 1
  • Two-month HTF extension in the works
  • Wisconsin falls in bike rankings
  • Transportation news

April 2015 Newsletter

  • Driving increases in Wisconsin and across the nation
  • More states step up and increase transporation investment
  • A new council to learn what works, what doesn’t
  • Rep. Ribble and others issue HTF solvency proposal
  • Transportation news

March 2015 Newsletter

  • One more Republican governor signs a gas tax increase, another poised to act
  • In Business Wisconsin Blog: Madison and DC not so far apart, unfortunately
  • TDA members head to DC
  • TDA launches new publication
  • VMT on the rise
  • Transportation news

February 2015 Newsletter

  • Response to governor’s budget
  • Executive Perspective: It’s time for leadership on transportation
  • States take another look at the gas tax
  • Oregon is ready to OReGO
  • WisDOT measuring performance
  • Rep. Ribble releases bipartisan letter urging action
  • Obama’s GROW AMERICA 2.0
  • USDOT’s Beyond Traffic 2045
  • Transportation news

January 2015 Newsletter

  • Governors talk transportation in State of the State addresses
  • Executive Perspective: Will transportation budget live up to the hype?
  • The new Congress: Challenges and opportunities
  • User fee for barges to increase this spring
  • EPW chair Boxer to retire
  • Transportation news


Budget Reports


2017-19 Budget Update #3
Joint Finance Action on 2017-19 biennial transportation budget (September 2017)

2017-19 Budget Update #2
Governor’s 2017-19 budget (February 2017)

2017-19 Budget Update #1
WisDOT 2017-19 biennial transportation budget submittal (September 2016)

2015-17 Budget Update #2
Joint Finance Committee action on 2015-2017 biennial transportation budget (July 2015)

2015-17 Budget Update #1
Governor’s 2015-17 budget (February 2015)

2013-15 Budget Update #3
Final Joint Finance Committee action on 2013-2015 biennial transportation budget (June 2013)

2013-15 Budget Update #2
Joint Finance Committee action on 2013-2015 biennial transportation budget (May 2015)

2013-15 Budget Update #1
Governor’s 2013-15 budget (February 2013)

WisDOT 2011-2013 Budget Highlights
Summary of the 2011-2013 transportation budget prepared by WisDOT for the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission. (wisdot11-13 budget highlights.pdf, 272K, October 2011)

2011-13 Budget Update #3
Governor’s 2011-13 budget vetoes (July 2011)

2011-2013 Budget Update #2
Joint Finance Committee action on 2011-2013 biennial transportation budget (June 2011)

2011-2013 Budget Update #1
Governor’s 2011-2013 biennial transportation budget (March 2011)

Note: An update was not prepared for the WisDOT budget submittal as it was presented shortly before a gubernatorial election in which the incumbent was not running.

2009-2011 Final Budget Update
Governor’s 2009-11 budget vetoes (0911Final.pdf, 37K, July 2009)

2009-11 Budget Update #3
Joint Finance Committee action on 2009-2011 biennial transportation budget (0911JFC.pdf,42K, June 2009)

2009-11 Budget Update #2
Governor’s 2009-2011 transportation budget (0911Gov.pdf, 42K, February 2009)

2009-11 Budget Update #1
WisDOT submits 2009-20011 biennial budget (0911WisDOT.pdf, 64K, December 2008)

2007-09 Final Budget Update
Governor’s 2007-09 budget vetoes (0709Final.pdf, 270K, November 2007)

2007-09 Budget Update #3
Compromise budget passed by the Legislature (0709Legislature.pdf, 263K, October 2007)

2007-09 Budget Update #2
Governor’s 2007-2009 transportation budget (0709Gov.pdf, 259K, February 2007)

2007-09 Budget Update #1
WisDOT submits 2007-2009 biennial budget (0709WisDOT.pdf, 250K, December 2006)

2005-2007 Budget Summary, Act 25
Summary of the 2005-2007 budget, Act 25 (05-07Summary-Act25.pdf, 5.8M, November 2005)

2005-2007 Final Budget Update
Governor’s 2005-2007 budget vetoes (05-07Final.pdf, 236K, July 2005)

2005-2007 Budget Update #3
Joint Finance Committee action on 2005-2007 biennial transportation budget (05-07JFC.pdf, 226K, June 2005)

2005-2007 Budget Update #2
Governor’s 2005-2007 transportation budget (05-07Gov.pdf, 260K, February 2005)

2005-2007 Budget Update #1
WisDOT submits 2005-2007 biennial budget (05-07WisDOT.pdf, 231K, November 2004)

TDA 2005-2007 Budget Resolution
In recognition of the state’s many transportation needs and the potential impacts of future budget cuts, TDA’s Board of Directors adopted a resolution May 18, 2004 supporting transportation program funding and protecting the segregated transportation fund.

2003-2005 Final Wisconsin Transportation Budget
2003-2005 transportation budget after Act 64 (fnlbudgetupdateact64.pdf, 86K, October 2003)

2003-2005 Budget Update
2003-2005 transportation budget after the Governor’s vetoes (03-05BudgetUpdate2.pdf, 88k, August 2003)

2003-2005 Budget Update
Governor’s 2003-2005 transportation budget (gov’s03-05Budget.pdf, 76K, April 2003)

2003-2005 Budget Update
WisDOT submits 2003-2005 biennial budget (bgt.pdf, 36K, February 2003)

2001-2003 Final Wisconsin Transportation Budget
TDA summary and analysis (01-03bud.pdf, 119K, October 2001)

2001-2003 Budget Update
Joint Finance Committee action on 2001-2003 biennial transportation budget (01-03JFC.pdf, 65K, June 2001)


TDA Factsheets & Case Studies


TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Highway 15
Highway 15: Almost 20 Years in the Works, Project Uncertain (case studies Highway 15_TDA 9.10.18, 8.6 MB, September 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Vehicle Miles Traveled
DEMAND: Uber and Lyft Use the Roads Too (case studies VMT_TDA, 31.9 MB, September 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Zoo Interchange
Zoo Interchange: Time is Money (case studies Zoo Interchange_TDA , 6.47 MB, August 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: I-43
I-43- Stuck in a Rut ( case studies I43 Stuck in a Rut_TDA 8.8.18, 6.62 MN, August 2018

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Bridges
Wisconsin’s Bridges: Not a Win-Win Scenario (Wisconsin’s Bridges Not a Win-Win Scenario_TDA, 9.7 MB, August 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Tolling
Tolling: Many Hurdles (Case Study Tolling Many Hurdles_TDA, 6.4 MB, July 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Eau Claire County
Running Out of Options (Rough Road Tour Eau Claire case study TDA 7, 8.2 MB, July 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Spending
Spending Problem or Revenue Problem? (TDA JFI Spending vs Revenue Problem-6.27.2018, 15.5 MB, June 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: Marathon County
Bridging the Gap (Rough Road Tour case study 6.27.18, 13.1 MB, June 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Case Study: La Crosse County
Many Miles to Go (Rough Road Tour LaCrosse Case Study_TDA, 29.1 MB, June 2018)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #10
FACT: There’s nothing FUN about potholes and delays. (TDA JFI Fact #10, 3.5 MB, August 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #9
FACT: Access to highways consistently tops the list of factors corporate executives consider when looking to locate or expand a facility. (TDA JFI Fact #9 6.27.17, 3.46 MB, June 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #8
FACT: Wisconsin drivers pay 35% less than those in neighboring states. (TDA JFI Fact #8, 4.05 MB, June 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #7
FACT: When highway projects are delayed so are vital safety improvements, putting at risk Wisconsin families. (TDA JFI Fact #7, 4.85 MB, June 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #6
FACT: State funding for local transportation has not kept up with costs for decades, which has adversely affected local transportation finances and road conditions. (TDA JFI Fact #6, 4.78 MB, June 2017)

TDA: The Cost of Doing Nothing
FACT: Wisconsin’s current transportation woes have been a long time coming. (JFI Consequences of Doing Nothing 6.17, 13.97 MB, June 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #5
FACT: Wisconsin’s transportation funding challenge affects more than just the condition of the state’s roads and overall transportation system. (TDA JFI Fact #5, 5.54 MB, May 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #4
FACT: Wisconsin either invests for the future or risks falling behind. (TDA JFI Fact #4, 8.67 MB, April 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #3
FACT: Limiting the state’s investment in highway improvement projects to the amount necessary for federal match would result in cascading project delays. (TDA JFI Fact #3, 3.84 MB, April 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #2
FACT: Delaying reconstruction of aging interstates in Southeast Wisconsin will negatively impact highway conditions throughout the state. (TDA JFI Fact #2, 3.8 MB, April 2017)

TDA Just Fix It Factsheet #1
FACT: Despite well-documented poor and declining road conditions, the Governor proposes to spend LESS on transportation over the next two years. (TDA JFI Fact #1, 3.79 MB, March 2017)


Special Reports


Transportation Truths
Between 2012 and 2014, TDA tackled 8 transportation truths in a fun graphic way.

The Benefits of Modernizing Wisconsin’s Highway Corridors
TDA commissioned the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Fiscal and Economic Research Center (FERC) to conduct analysis of the economic impact of the remaining amounts to be spent on four highway improvements and the growth of ancillary businesses in the affected communities. (Benefits of Modernizing Highways.pdf, 1.78MB, October 2015)

State of Transportation
A Comprehensive Report on Wisconsin’s Transportation Funding Challenges (StateofTransportation1108.pdf, 1.59M, November 2008)

A Corporate Report Wisconsin Roundtable Discussion
Will our transportation system get us where we want to go? (Corporate_Report_0706.pdf, 240K, July 2006)

Transportation Improvements Grow Wisconsin’s Economy: The Benefits of Transportation Investment (Complete Report)
TDA commissioned a study from Cambridge Systematics regarding the benefit of transportation investment to the economy. The study found that for every one dollar invested in transportation, three dollars are returned to the economy. (CambridgeComplete.pdf, 2MB, February 2003)

Transportation Improvements Grow Wisconsin’s Economy: The Economic Benefits of Transportation Investment (Executive Summary)
Executive Summary of the Cambridge Systematics study commissioned by TDA. (CambridgeExecSummary.pdf, 59K, February 2003)




2016 TDA Fly-in Issue Papers
(tda-fly-in-issue-papers-2016_TDA1.pdf, 838K, April)

2015 TDA Fly-in Issue Papers
(2015-tda-fly-in-issue-papers.pdf, 918K, March)

2014 Annual Meeting Presentation: 2015-17 Transportation Budget
(BudgetTDA2.pdf, 1,311K)

2014 Annual Meeting Presentation: Trends in Funding
(ARBTA.pdf, 3,503K)

2014 TDA Fly-in Issue Papers
(2014-tda-fly-in-issue-papers.pdf, 1,131K, April)

2013 TDA Fly-in Issue Papers
(2013-tda-fly-in-issue-papers.pdf, 1,340K, April)

WisDOT Congressional Delegation Staff Briefing
(c-delegationstaffbriefing-22813-finaldraft-1-.pdf, 931K, April

2012 TDA Drive-in: Technology and Transportation TOPS Laboratory
Presented by Todd Szymkowski, Traffic Operations & Safety Laboratory, UW(TOPS Lab.pdf, May 2012)

2012 TDA Drive-in: Technology and Transportation WisDOT
Presented by Anne Reshadi, WisDOT(WisDOT.pdf, May 2012)

2012 TDA Drive-in: Assessing the Political Landscape
Presented by Bill McCoshen, Capitol Consultants(Political Landscape.pdf, May 2012)

2012 TDA Drive-in: Commission Update
Prepared for Drive-in, not presented due to time, Craig Thompson, TDA(Commission Update.pdf, May 2012)

2012 TDA Drive-in: Technology and Transportation Madison Metro
Presented by Mick Rusch, Madison Metro Transit(Madison Transit.ppsm, May 2012)

2012 Fly-in Issue Papers
(2012-tda-fly-in-issue-papers.pdf, 437K, April)

Frac Sand Mining – Local Government Roadway Impacts
Article written by Bruce Stelzner, Chippewa County Highway Commissioner

2011 Annual Meeting: Believing for 40 Years
Presented by John Burke, Trek Bicycle Corporation (tda-trek.pdf, September 2011)

2011 Annual Meeting: Modernizing the U.S. Surface Transportation System
Presented by Jack L. Schenendorf, Covington & Burling (schenendorf.pdf, September 2011)

2011 Annual Meeting: Assessing Wisconsin’s Transportation Finances
Presented by Kyle Christianson (wistax.pdf, September 2011)

Annual Meeting: TDA Mobile Museum
In case meeting attendees didn’t have an opportunity to utilize a smartphone to read the QR codes on the annual meeting creative.

2011 Drive-in: Wisconsin Opinion
Presented by Charles Franklin, University of Wisconsin-Madison (WiscOpinionTalk.pdf, 2.2M, May 2011)

2011 Drive-in: Wisconsin Economy
Presented by Dennis Winters, Chief of the Office of Economic Advisors, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (Winters.pdf, 739K, May 2011)

2011 Drive-in: Transportation Budget
Presented by Craig Thompson, Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association (What We Have All Heard.pdf, 636K, May 2011)

2011 Fly-in Issue Papers
(1_TDA Fly-in Issue Papers.pdf, 836K, March)

The State of Wisconsin’s Finances
Presented by Bob Lang, Director of the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau (BLangPresentation52610.pdf, 276K, May 2010)

Working Together, the I-39/90 Coalition
Presented by Kevin Traas, Director of Transportation Policy & Finance for the Wisconsin Transporation Builders Association (I 39 90 Coalition.pdf, 695K, May 2010)

Protecting the Transportation Fund
Presented by Craig Thompson, Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association (Drive-in.pdf, 177K, May 2010)

2010 Fly-in Issue Papers
(TDA Fly-in Issue Papers.pdf, 657K, March 2010)

2009 TDA Annual Meeting: Federal Funding
Presented by Jeff Solsby, American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA Presentation.pdf, 221K, October 2009)

2009 TDA Annual Meeting: Strategic Plan for Wisconsin’s Economy
Presented by George Lightbourn, Wisconsin Public Research Institute (WI Policy Research Institute Falling Behind.pdf, 566K, October 2009)

2009 TDA Annual Meeting: Midwest High-Speed Rail
Presented by Randy Wade, HNTB Corporation (High Speed Rail HNTB.pdf, 1M, October 2009)

2009 TDA Annual Meeting: Great Lakes Transportation Enterprise Institute
Presented by Todd Szymkowski, Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Michael J. Krauski, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Marquette (Great Lakes Institute Presentation, 830K, October 2009)

2009 TDA Annual Meeting: Great Lakes Transportation Enterprise Institute (continued)
Presented by Rick Bergholz, Traffic Parking Control Company (Great Lakes Institute.pdf, 1M, October 2009)




TDA’s YouTube Channel

Almost 40 videos covering a variety of topics.