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It’s Time Wisconsin

Like other states, Wisconsin has been grappling for more than a decade with transportation revenue insufficient to meet state and local needs.  The issue has been studied. Reports have been issued, and recommendations have been put forth. However, no progress has been made toward a long-term funding solution, while Wisconsin falls further behind.

Some problems are truly perplexing to solve – like eradicating poverty or reining in the cost of health care.  Fixing our state and local roads and bus systems is not one of those.

We know what needs to be done. JUST FIX IT.

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Wisconsin rural roads receive national attention, deteriorating condition blamed on lack of funding

2/19/2020 - Channel 3000 MADISON, Wis. – As Wisconsin receives national attention being highlighted in a New York Times piece on the struggle to mend…

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Just Fix It Gallery

Gilman Township: 410th Street
Barron County: Bridge on County Highway A over Hay River
City of West Allis: National Avenue
Town of Arcadia: North Creek Road
Village of Cameron: County Highway W
I-94 East/West in Milwaukee
Pierce County: Bridge on County Highway O
Town of Maple Grove: 8th Avenue
City of Lodi: Gay Street
Barron County: State Highway 8 bridge over Red Cedar
Beltline in Madison
City of Milwaukee: Humboldt Ave.
Wisconsin Dells: River Road
City of Cumberland: State Highway 48 (Main St)
Douglas County: County Highway C
Waukesha County: Bridge on County Highway X over Pebble Creek
Town of Arland: 7th Street
Jefferson County: County Road A
Marathon County: County Road M Fenwood Creek structure
La Crosse County: County Highway NN
City of Cumberland: State Highway 63
Dodge County: County Highway M
La Crosse County: County Highway PI
Douglas County: County Highway D
Pierce County: Bridge on County Highway O
Douglas County: County Highway C
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[It is] not conservative ... to not fix something until it is so broken we have to spend a lot more to repair it.

I’m not a big fan of another (highway funding) study, because we all know what the answer is, right? We have to raise more revenue in some way or the other. That’s what it really comes down to.

- Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Assembly District 63

We've made some very difficult decisions and things that have put us in the right spot. We admit this [transportation] is one that we still have to tackle. (But) this is not a unique situation we are facing in Wisconsin.

- Representative John Nygren, Co-Chair of the Joint Finance Committee, Assembly District 89

We can’t kick the can down the road any longer. I know we’ve said that before - but we can’t.

- Senator Alberta Darling, Co-Chair of the Joint Finance Committee, Senate District 8

Potholes, traffic delays and safety hazards are taking their toll on Wisconsin motorists. There’s a real cost to Wisconsin families if we ignore these problems and kick the can down the road. I urge Gov. Walker and my colleagues to join me in working toward a long-term transportation funding solution that protects Wisconsin jobs and strengthens economic development opportunities.

- Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, Senate District 32

I am concerned that this vital economy will quickly erode if we don’t take care of our rural roads so we can get our goods to market. Rural areas need good roads just as much as Milwaukee does, and I’ll keep fighting to get our fair share.

- Representative Lee Nerison, Assembly District 96

You don’t have to do much driving around the state to know that many of our roads are falling apart….We can’t continue to ignore our transportation infrastructure, and we can’t simply rely on the state credit card to fund it. We need to come together on a bipartisan basis to look seriously at all of the funding alternatives, and then have the political courage to put forward a balanced plan that protects the billions of dollars taxpayers have already invested.

- Senator Julie Lassa, Senate District 24

Budgets should provide for the necessities of today as well as prepare for the priorities of the future. In the area of transportation, this budget falls short on both accounts. Infrastructure is the backbone of the economy, and maintaining our roads and bridges is necessary for economic growth. For at least the last decade, Wisconsin has failed to adequately maintain its roads, especially in the western and central parts of the state. The Zoo interchange is important, but so are our farm-to-market roads.

- Representative Edward Brooks, Assembly District 50