Schedule of 2019 TDA Meetings & Events

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Meeting/Event Location
TDA Annual Meeting
November 7
Sheraton Madison
Fly-in 2020

TDA Annual Meeting
November 7
Sheraton Madison

From the buses in Racine to the Port of Green Bay to the rail lines in Superior to the Waukesha County Airport to the roads we use every day, Wisconsin’s transportation network is the key to connecting goods to market and people to jobs.

TDA and partners have had success in the last several years, raising the awareness of the transportation funding issue and securing significant new, ongoing revenue in the 2019-2021 budget. But we are not done yet.

Join us at this year’s annual meeting to acknowledge our accomplishments, celebrate some exciting things happening in Wisconsin that would not be possible without the state’s transportation system, and to hear what’s next.

Because at TDA, we know… It’s About TIME.

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Turnout for Transportation Capitol Edition
May 22, 2019

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Thanks to all who have participated in the Just Fix It campaign over the last three years.

Together, we started a statewide dialogue about the condition of Wisconsin’s infrastructure. Now, we need to make our state elected officials understand that doing nothing is not an option.

TDA Fly-in to Washington, D.C.
April 3-4, 2019


The TDA Fly-in is the perfect opportunity to bring Wisconsin transportation issues to our national representatives. Virtually every congressional office and both senate offices participate and look forward to this information exchange on key issues with Wisconsin’s transportation stakeholders. The two days in Washington, D.C. literally “fly by”, and participants are back in Wisconsin before they know it. It is a good, quick trip for busy schedules.

General Fly-in information
The fly-in contingent leaves Wisconsin in the morning of the first day. Upon arrival in Washington, D.C., participants attend an afternoon briefing session – typically legislators and experts on the national level bring attendees up-to-date on pressing federal transportation issues. In the evening there is a group reception and dinner, a perfect opportunity for networking. The speakers at the morning session on the second day delve deeper into the issues of concern to Wisconsin’s transportation community. Activities in Washington, D.C. culminate with the ever-popular small group office visits with Wisconsin’s congressional delegation. As a past Fly-in participant commented, “One of the most impressive things about the TDA Fly-in is looking at the attendee listing. It really is a who’s who in Wisconsin transportation.”