Debby Jackson speaks with Emily Traiforos of Go Rail on the Latest On The Go Podcast 5/13/2020

On the newest episode of On The Go, Emily Traiforos of Go Rail joins TDA’s Debby Jackson to discuss the critical role of the railroad industry during the COVID-19 health emergency. The duo discuss the public benefits of freight rail, which include a positive economic impact, job creation and sustainment, reduced congestion on the highways, and a beneficial impact on the environment.

One train can not only carry the load of several hundred trucks, but is highly fuel efficient. A single train can move one ton of freight over 400 miles on one gallon of diesel fuel. And during the COVID health emergency, the crucial role rail plays in ever sector of the economy is even more pronounced. Almost 150,000 employees around the U.S. – with many in Wisconsin – keep the rail network running.

The podcast is available on all popular podcasting platforms and via this link: http://www.tdawisconsin.org/on-the-go-podcast/