TDA Podcast Highlights the Role of Essential Workers and the Importance of Transportation During National Emergency 4/21/2020

April 21, 2020

Laurel Cavalluzzo, Marketing Advisor
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TDA Podcast Highlights the Role of Essential Workers and the Importance of Transportation During National Emergency

MADISON, WI – On TDA’s On the Go podcast, Executive Director Debby Jackson has begun series of conversations highlighting essential transportation workers across the state.

“Transportation leaders, understanding the important role transportation plays during the COVID-19 outbreak and always demonstrating a laser-like focus on safety, have developed and implemented new procedures to protect their employees and the public while continuing to perform their duties,” Jackson says in the latest On the Go episode.

Over the next several weeks, Jackson aims to share the stories of individuals who work in essential roles that touch the transportation sector. These include railroad, transit, port and airport workers, road construction crews, as well as truck drivers – all of whom are taking extra precautions to protect both themselves and the public at large from the spread of the virus.

“I will be speaking with industry leaders to find out how they are adapting to our new environment in a COVID-19 world, and will be learning how their employees are feeling. And interestingly, I will explore whether there are some changes to procedures that are worthy of keeping long-term, even once this pandemic is behind us.”

The podcast is available on all popular podcasting platforms and via this link: http://www.tdawisconsin.org/on-the-go-podcast/

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