Just Fix It Wisconsin

Group demands lawmakers ‘Just Fix’ the roads 6/9/2016

6/9/2016, WISN Milwaukee (video) – A lot of drivers are fed up with how bad Wisconsin’s roads are.

There’s usually a lot of swerving and braking when it comes to driving the state’s interstates and local streets.

Trying to avoid a massive pothole or not damaging your car is a daily occurrence.

“They’re horrible. They’re all torn up,” said Amanda Hill, of Milwaukee.

A nonprofit group is leading a new campaign called Just Fix It, Wisconsin. It’s demanding lawmakers overhaul the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

“We started this campaign of Just Fix It, and we are asking people to share their stories and frustrations and we’re sort of compiling them as we hear about them,” said Craig Thompson of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin.

Thompson said he’s hoping if people take videos of where they drive, bike or take the bus, it will get lawmakers’ attention to take action.

Drivers WISN 12 News spoke with are sick of the repairs to their cars.

“The potholes are really bad. It takes the city too long to fix them, which causes wear and tear on people’s tires,” said Matt Megale, of Milwaukee.

The campaign just started across the state.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation did not return WISN 12 News’ call for a comment.

Click here to learn more about the Just Fix It campaign and how you can take action.