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November 2015 mileage continuing record-setting pace 1/22/2016

1/22/2016 – According to the Federal Highway Administration, travel during November 2015 on all roads and streets in the nation increased 4.3% from a year ago, resulting in estimated travel for the month of 253.2 billion vehicle-miles. This continues a trend that should make 2015 the heaviest traffic volume year in U.S. history.

In Wisconsin VMT was up 6.1% over November 2014.

Increased travel has been fueled by lower gas prices and favorable weather.

In a related story, gas prices sank to the lowest level in seven years.  The average nationwide retail price of gasoline fell to $1.822 a gallon as of February 1st, the Energy Information Administration said.

As of January 25th, AAA counted 25 straight days with national average gas prices below $2 per gallon.